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EGJ55 – June 2023

The role of geology in the transition to clean energy – The contribution of hydrogen and carbon capture, storage and utilisation


The place of natural hydrogen in the energy transition: A position paper by Eric C. Gaucher, Isabelle Moretti, Nicolas Pélissier, Glen Burridge and Nicolas Gonthier

Techno-Economic Evaluation of Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage; Case Study of Scenarios in Western Macedonia, Greece by Nikolaos Koukouzas, Rania Karametou,  Dimitrios Karapanos, George S. Maraslidis, Pavlos Tyrologou, Paula Coussy, Anders Nermoen, Julio Carneiro, Paulo Mesquita and Paula Canteli

Earth sciences at the centre of the energy transition by Alejandra Tovar, Kris Piessens and Kris Welkenhuysen

Climate change challenges and state fragility in the water, energy, food/land, raw material nexus and the position of hydrogen and Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage for increasing resilience by Pavlos Tyrologou, Nazaré Couto, Júlio Ferreira Carneiro, Amanda Loeffen, Vitor Correia, Eleni Gianni, Fernanda De Mesquita Lobo Veloso, Nikolaos Koukouzas, Paula Fernández-Canteli Álvarez, Roman Berenblyum and Glen Burridge

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EGJ54 – December 2022

Geothermal energy – A geological contribution to the energy transition


Geothermal use and potential of the Lund Sandstone in SW Skåne, Sweden by Mikael Erlström and Jan-Erik Rosberg

Geothermal resources for energy transition: A review of research undertaken for remote northern Canadian communities by Mafalda M. Miranda, Félix-Antoine Comeau, Jasmin Raymond, Louis Gosselin, Stephen E. Grasby, Andrew Wigston, Alireza Dehghani-Sanij, Sarah Sternbergh and Serge Perreault

Geothermal resources research in a granitic basement – the Braga area case study (NW Portugal) by Bruno Pereira, Margarida Antunes, Helena Sant’ovaia, Luís Gonçalves, Cláudia Cruz, João Azevedo and Jorge Oliveira

Municipality of Cestica, North-western Croatia: Techno-economic analysis of investment in geothermal energy by Ratko Vasiljevic

Exploring low enthalpy geothermal energy in Costa Rica: A pilot project to improve tourism energy matrix efficiency by Agustín F. Solano-Arguedas, Ingrid Vargas-Azofeifa, Kenia Barrantes-JiménezGeovanni Carmona-Villalobos, Kattia Solís-Ramírez, Karina Rodríguez-Mora, Yoselyn Álvarez-Saborío and Pedro Casanova-Treto

Pathways to better integrate geothermal energy at its full technological scale in European heating and cooling networks by Gregor Goetzl, Jessica Chicco, Christopher Schifflechner, Joao Figueira, Georgios Tsironis and Aleksandrs Zajacs

CROWDTHERMAL services for the energy transition and the Green Deal by Isabel Fernández, Márcio Tameirao Pinto and Tamas Miklovicz

A Risk Mitigation Framework for Community- Based Financing in Geothermal by Christina Baisch, Philipp Wolpert and Georgie Friederichs

Public perceptions of geothermal projects: New ways of measuring and monitoring local acceptance and social impacts by Jan Hildebrand, Alena Jahns, Lea Schwarz and Amel Barich

Community Funding for Geothermal Energy by Georgie Friederichs, Ronald Kleverlaan, Christina Baisch and Isabel Fernandez

The H2020 project REFLECT – Redefining fluid properties at extreme conditions to optimise future geothermal energy extraction by Katrin Kieling, Simona Regenspurg, Laurent André, Chris Boeije, Deirdre Clark, Mustafa M. Demir, Florian Eichinger, Pilar Junier, Andrew D. Kilpatrick, Károly Kovács, Justine Mouchot, Pejman Shoeibi Omrani, Anne Pluymakers, Alberto Sánchez Miravalles, Ásgerður K. Sigurðardóttir, Sissel O. Viig, Laura Wasch and the REFLECT team

Degassing kinetics of high salinity geothermal fluids by Chris Boeije, Wolfgang Weinzierl, Pacelli Zitha and Anne Pluymakers

EGJ53 – June 2022

Topic – Climate change – Increasing resilience with geological knowledge


Editorial by Glen Burridge

Pan-European geological data, information, and knowledge for a resilient, sustainable, and collaborative future by Julie Hollis, Stephanie Bricker, Dana Čápová, Klaus Hinsby, Hans-Georg Krenmayr, Phillippe Negrel, Daniel Oliveira, Eleftheria Poyiadji, Serge van Gessel, Sytze van Heteren, Guri Venvik

How to ensure better consideration and mitigation of the shrinkage–swelling risk of clays? by Steve Gruslin, Tiffany Hennebaut and Mattia Tirone

EGJ52 – November 2021

Topic – Soil – Our endangered food basis


Sustainable land-use alternatives in tropical rainforests? Evidence from natural and social sciences by by Jörg Matschullat, Roberval Monteiro Bezerra de Lima, Sophie F. von Fromm, Gilvan Coimbra Martins, Mauana Schneider, Armin Mathis, Andrea Malheiros Ramos, Alexander Plessow and Kelly Kibler

GEMAS: Geochemistry of European agricultural and grazing land soil by Alecos Demetriades, Clemens Reimann, Manfred Birke, Philippe Négrel, Anna Ladenberger, Timo Tarvainen, Martiya Sadeghi and The GEMAS Project Team

Global assessment of soil pollution: The need for standardized methods by Frank P.J. Lamé, Klaus Liphard, Marleen Schoemaker and Theresa Geßwein

Popkin: A US Perspective on Soil Pollution: Observations, Conclusions, and Recommendations by Barney Paul Popkin

EGJ50 – November 2020

Topic – Let’s become geologists! Challenges and opportunities in geoscience education in Europe


Service learning in geoscience education by Marta Mileusnić

EGU (European Geosciences Union) Education Field Officer programme: teachers’ appreciation, perceptions and needs by Giulia Realdon, Guillaume Coupechoux, Gina P. Correia, Xavier Juan, Ramanathan Baskar, Yamina Bourgeoini & Chris King

Digital transformation and geoscience education: New tools to learn, new skills to grow by Antoine Bouziat, Julien Schmitz, Rémy Deschamps & Karine Labat

Geosciences education at German universities by Ulrike Wolf-Brozio, Peter Merschel, Dominic Hildebrandt & Ina Alt

Out-of-classroom activities for geoscience education by Kyriaki Makri , Fotios Danaskos & Maria Tzima

Geoscience education through environmental ICT storytelling in primary education across Europe by N. Evelpidou, D. Pontikou, A. Komi, G. Saitis, K. Giannikopoulou, M-A. Gatou & A. Petropoulos

Student enrolment in geology from a systemic earth science education perspective: an Italian case study by Elena Bonaccorsi, Susanna Occhipinti, Alessandra Borghini & Roberto Greco

Geoscience education using virtual worlds by Eleonora Paris, Annalisa Boniello & Michelina Occhioni

The Science and Education Network for Sustainability in Estrela UNESCO Global Geopark by Hugo Gomes, Emanuel Castro, Magda Fernandes & Fábio Loureiro

Integrating new tactics for mineral exploration and Social License to Operate into geoscientists’ training and life-long learning: Lessons learned through the INFACT Project by Marko Komac, Christina Benighaus, Elena Kozlovskaya, Leila Ajjabou & Cathryn MacCallum

On all fours: report about a future geologist with a physical disability, or how to overcome the ‘fit professional’ stereotype by Nuria Guirado-Romero

From oil digger to energy transition enabler: the critical role of exploration geosciences education in Europe by Nils Jansson, Jukka-Pekka Ranta, Théo Berthet & Leena Suopajärvi

Exploring the link between employer needs, employability and postgraduate module
design in a contemporary mining education framework by Benedikt Steiner & Hannah S.R. Hughes

Interactive methods of studying geology with Z-generation children by Hanna Liventseva & Maryna Krochak

Promoting the Earth System approach and the meaning of learning by N. Orion, R. Shankar, R. Greco & J.L. Berenguer

Work in progress: Project profiles 

INTERMIN (International Network of Raw Materials Training Centres) by Antonio Alonso Jiménez, Manuel Regueiro y González-Barros, Francisco Elorza Tenreiro & Vitor Correia

Can we teach children geology using one of the world’s most popular video games? by Pontus Westrin, Théo Berthet, Rok Brajkovič, Eric Pirard, Mariaelena Murphy, Luca Bellucci, Karin Käär, Juan Herrera & Rachel Kavanagh

EGJ 49 – May 2020

Topical – Mineral raw materials in Europe – Chances and challenges for domestic production

Battery minerals from Finland: Improving the supply chain for the EU battery industry using a geometallurgical approach by Quentin Dehaine, Simon P. Michaux, Jussi Pokki, Mari Kivinen & Alan R. Butcher 

The Zinnwald Lithium Project: Transferring legacy exploration data into new mineral resources by Thomas Dittrich, Matthias Helbig, Kersten Kühn, Wolf-Dietrich Bock & Armin Müller

How can universities and students increase domestic raw material knowledge to help production? Possibilities through examples by Máté Zs. Leskó, Lívia Majoros, Gábor Jakab, Richárd Z. Papp, Ferenc Kristály

Considerations for financing and encouraging successful exploration within the EU by Eamonn F. Grennan

The Italian Database GeMMA: from monitoring production to cataloguing mining wastes, a starting point for recovering critical raw materials from abandoned mines? by Mauro Lucarini, Roberta Carta, Fiorenzo Fumanti, Lucio Martarelli & Monica Serra

Hidden graphite resources in Turkey: a new supply candidate for Europe? by Alp İlhan, Ramazan Sarı & Yonca Yıldırım

Are the pan-European seas a promising source for critical metals supply? The project GeoERA-MINDeSEA by Javier González, Teresa Medialdea, Henrik Schiellerup, Irene Zananiri, Pedro Ferreira, Luis Somoza, Xavier Monteys & the MINDeSEA Team

EGJ 48 – November 2019

Topical – Geological heritage in Europe


Croatian geological heritage related to historical mining and quarrying by Marta Mileusnić, Ana Maričić & Michaela Hruškova Hasan
Featuring slate: the German geoheritage initiative “Rock of the Year” in 2019 by Christof Ellger & Manuel Lapp
The Geological Wall in Berlin – Over 120 years of teaching geology by Ulrike Hörmann, Angela Ehling & Klaus Reinhold
A field trip enhanced with ARTutor, an augmented reality educational platform by M. Psychogiou, K. Georgiou, A. Antonarakou & H. Drinia
The significance of the Lavrion mines in Greek and European Geoheritage by Argyrios Periferakis, Iordanis Paresoglou & Nikolaos Paresoglou
Pikermi: a classical European fossil mammal geotope in the spotlight by Socrates Roussiakis, Panagiotis Filis, Stamatina Sklavounou, Ioannis Giaourtsakis, Nikos Kargopoulos & George Theodorou
The Geological Garden at Tata (Hungary): A geosite of outstanding scientific and geo-educational significance by István Szente, Erzsébet Harman-Tóth & Tamás G. Weiszburg
Geoheritage elements of millstone manufactory, Tokaj Mountains, Hungary by Zsuzsanna Ésik, Péter Rózsa & János Szepesi
The mining heritage and history of the Silvermines area, County Tipperary, Ireland since the 13th century by Eamonn F. Grennan & Colin J. Andrew
The cretaceous clays of Baiso, Emilia-Romagna, Italy: A study for their touristic promotion by Giorgia Campana, Alessandro Ghinoi & Christian Marasmi
Evaporite dissolution sinkholes in the Dwejra Depression, Malta by Peter Gatt
Unearthing Europe’s Bronze Age mining heritage with tin isotopes: a case study from Central Europe by W. Powell, R. Mathur, J. John, M. Price, H.A. Bankoff, M. Tisucká & L. Godfrey

EGJ 44 – November 2017

Topical – Geology and a sustainable future

Developing, testing and demonstrating onshore storage of CO2: First results from the ENOS field sites by K. Piessens, R. Berenblyum, C. de Dios, V. Hladik, M. Koenen & K. Welkenhuysen
Resources for future generations – understanding earth and people by J. Thompson, L. Eagle & O. Bonham
Future Mining – Thoughts on Mining Trends by O. Langefeld
Landslide susceptibility mapping using the Rock Engineering System approach and GIS technique: an example from southwest Arcadia (Greece) by N. Tavoularis, I. Koumantakis, D. Rozos & G. Koukis
Resource sustainability – Geology is the solution by E. F. Grennan and J. A. Clifford
Multi-source data integration of Lower Cretaceous units with geothermal potential in Lisbon region, Portugal, to support geological modelling by A. Ramada, R. Diaz & J. Carvalho
The KINDRA project – towards Open Science in Hydrogeology for higher impact by I. Fernandez, M. Petitta, K. Hinsby, A. Cseko, P. Szucs, M. Garcia Padilla, E. Hartai, V. Bisevac, A. Stein, B. Bodo, P. van der Keur, V. Mikita, G. Van Leijen & C.M. García Alibrand
How to increase future mineral supply from EU sources by D. Rokavec, K. Mezga & S. Miletića
Clearing the sky from the clouds – The Mineral Intelligence Capacity Analysis (MICA) project by E. Machacek, W. E. Falck, C. Delfini, L. Erdmann, E. Petavratzi, E. van der Voet & D. Cassard
UNEXMIN: a new concept to sustainably obtain geological information from flooded mines by L. Lopes, N. Zajzon, S. Henley, C. Vörös, A. Martins & J. Miguel Almeida
The ¡VAMOS! Sustainable Underwater Mining Solution by E. Bakker, G. Žibret & J. Rainbird

EGJ 43 – May 2017

Topical – Geothermal – the Energy of the Future

Combining energy production and mineral extraction – The CHPM2030 project by É. Hartai , B. Bodó & the CHPM2030 Team
Towards geological-economic modelling to improve evaluating policy instruments for geothermal energy – Case study for Belgium (Campine Basin) by E. Petitclerc, K. Welkenhuysen, S. Van Passel, K. Piessens, D. Maes & T. Compernolle
Development of the first deep geothermal doublet in the Campine Basin of Belgium by S. Bos & B. Laenen
The successful geothermal risk mitigation system in France from 1980 to 2015 by C. Boissavy
Potential of geothermal systems in Picardy by E. Dourlat
Geothermal energy developments in the district heating of Szeged by M. Osvald, J. Szanyi, T. Medgyes, B. Kóbor & A. Csanádi
Geothermal subregions in Upper Pannonian sediments: A case study from East Hungary by E. Buday-Bódi, R. W. McIntosh and T. Buday
Assessment of deep geothermal energy potential in Northern and Central Portugal by M.M. Miranda, N.V. Rodrigues, J. Willis-Richards & A.J.S.C. Pereira
Geothermal use of mine water by L.M. Lara, I. G. Colinas, M.T Mallada, A.E. Hernández-Battez & J.L. Viesca
ThermoProVal: towards improved guidelines for the realisation of borehole heat pumps in alpine geological settings by P. Christe, F. J. Baillifard & G. Steinmann
Hydrogeological modelling of geothermal waters in Pamukkale, western Anatolia, Turkey by N. Özgür, İ. Kıymaz, E. Uzun & D. S. Kutlu 
Hydrogeological, hydrogeochemical and isotope geochemical features of the geothermal waters in Urganlı and environs, western Anatolia, Turkey by Nevzat Özgür, Seher Büyükşahin, Barbaros Yıldırım & Eda Aydemir
Rock power: Geothermal power simulations for schools by E. Devon, C. King & P. Kennett
The Development and Deployment of Deep Geothermal Single Well (DGSW) Technology in the United Kingdom by M. A. Collins & R. Law

Opinion: Social changes and Geosciences by G. V. Graziano

EGJ 42 – December 2016

Topical – International collaboration on raw materials

Fostering International Cooperation on Raw Materials – the INTRAW Project and the European International Observatory for Raw Materials by D. Murguía, F. Brovko, M. Wenham, V. Correia & B. Bodo
Fostering the mining potential of the European Union by M. Pellegrini
The participation of the company GET s.r.o. in Czech international development cooperation projects by J. Tvrdý, T. Pechar, L. Opekar & P. Hanzlík
Internationalisation in Mining Engineering at Clausthal University of Technology by E. Clausen & O. Langefeld
European Geological Surveys cooperating on Raw Materials by G. Stanley
Dimension Stones, a unique and attractive sector for international institutions and private investors: Outcomes from the International Conference STONECHANGE 2016 as a first step for the necessary future international cooperation by M. Cosi & P. Primavori
Stepping up the international cooperation for the sustainable supply of raw materials by D. Carrilho
The Sustainable Aggregates Management and Planning Initiative in South East Europe by G. Žibret
Future challenges in international cooperation for the exploration and exploitation of mineral resources with high added value in Europe by R. Esteban Pérez
Resourcing Future Generations: A global effort to meet the world’s future needs head-on by E. Nickless
International Cooperation in Development of Mexican Raw Materials by B. P. Popkin

EFG members: The firewater trail by M. Regueiro


EGJ 41 – May 2016

Topical – Sustainable land use

Managed aquifer recharge in the Marecchia alluvial fan (Rimini, Italy): trial and early results by P. Severi, L. Bonzi & V. Ferrari
Sustainable exploitation of mineral resources within an area of the Natura 2000 network by J. M. F. Carvalho, J. Meira, C. Marques, S. Machado, L. M. Mergulhão & J. Cancela
From engineering geosciences mapping towards sustainable urban planning by H. I. Chaminé, J. Teixeira, L. Freitas, A. Pires, R. S. Silva, T. Pinho, R. Monteiro, A. L. Costa, T. Abreu, J. F. Trigo, M. J. Afonso & J. M. Carvalho
On the harmonisation of Serbian classification and accompanying regulations on resources/reserves of solid minerals with the PERC standard by M. Ilich and R. Vukas
Challenges and opportunities with charging for geological information in land use planning by E. Häggquist and L. Wårell
Defining Mineral Deposits of National Interest – The Case of Sweden by L. Wårell and E. Häggquist


EGJ 40 - November 2015

Towards 2020: groundwater research in Europe

EGJ 39 - May 2015

MIN WIN-WIN – Minerals Reporting Standards

EGJ 38 - November 2014

Geoarchaeology – Reconstructing our early history

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