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The European Federation of Geologists (EFG) is a professional organisation representing geoscientists from all across Europe.

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Welcome to EFG

The European Federation of Geologists (EFG) is a not-for-profit organisation that was established in 1980 and includes today 27 national association members.

EFG’s mission is to promote excellence in the application of geoscience across Europe, to represent the professional European associations of geologists, and to create public awareness of geoscience’s importance to society.

As the geological organisation of choice for National Associations throughout Europe seeking representation within the EU, and for policymakers seeking expertise, we aim to be recognised globally through our international network of partnering organisations, and respected as a federation steeped in values that sustainably balance the needs of all humanity with that of our planet.

EFG in 6 missions


27 National Associations representing nearly 45000 geoscientists across Europe


International recognition and partnership

EurGeol Title

Recognises the ability to deliver a high quality of services within the practice of geology


Over two decades experience in more than 12 European projects


Accessible communication of geosciences and outreach

Panels of experts

9 panels, approximately 200 experts from 26 European countries

EFG Academy: Machine Learning for Geoscientists

Join our 2-hour virtual session on 31st July to explore digital transformation in the mining industry. Learn machine learning concepts and how they apply to mine materials management and water management with practical use cases. Ideal for Geologists, Mine...

EFGeoWeek – Latest issue | See Original  Previous issues: EFGeoWeek #356 EFGeoWeek #355 EFGeoWeek #354 EFGeoWeek #353 EFGeoWeek #352 EFGeoWeek #351 EFGeoWeek #350 EFGeoWeek #349 EFGeoWeek #348 EFGeoWeek #347 EFGeoWeek #346 EFGeoWeek #345 EFGeoWeek #344 EFGeoWeek #343 EFGeoWeek #342...

Launch of the EFG Academy: Continuous Professional Development for geologists

At a glance:  Self-paced recorded courses launching this summer ☀️ Live online courses and group coaching starting in September 🍂 First masterclass: “Machine Learning for Geoscientists” on July 31st 📅 Focus on both technical competencies and Human Intelligence 💡 We...

EFG presents its Annual Report for 2023

The European Federation of Geologists (EFG) has published its Annual Report for 2023, showcasing a year of significant achievements and strategic advancements. The report highlights EFG's commitment to promoting excellence in geosciences across Europe and outlines key...

EFG Employment Survey 2024: Help us advance the recognition of the geologist profession

We invite all geologists to complete the 2024 edition of the EFG Employment Survey.  Why?  The EFG Employment Survey aims to take a snapshot of the current labour market for geologists in Europe. Through this survey, we seek to answer crucial questions about the...

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