Executive Director

Glen Burridge

Please contact Glen in case you are looking for information about EFG’s Management or our global and European network.

In 2019, Glen became the European Federation of Geologist’s Executive Director, responsible for delivering the strategic objectives of the organisation, management of its Brussels Secretariat and relationship with its 26 national association members.

Office Manager

Pierangelo Bianco

You can contact Pierangelo for any general information inquiries. He takes care of financial matters and is also the contact point for all questions relating to the European Geologist title.

Pierangelo hold a Master’s degree in Political Sciences from Trieste University and as he has been living and working in Brussels since 2007, he has a good knowledge of the EU Institutions and a relevant experience in the organisation of events, including at international level.

Communication Manager

Anita Stein

Please contact Anita if you would like to contribute to one of EFG’s publications (GeoNews, EFGeoWeek, European Geologist Journal, EFGeoBlog). She is also the contact point for the EFG website, social media channels and our photo contest.

Anita is a communications expert with cross-European experience, specialised in visual communications. She followed an interdisciplinary Bachelor-programme in French-German studies and graduated with a Master’s degree in Compared Political Sciences.

Project Officer

Alberto Sánchez Miravalles

You may contact Alberto in case you have any questions about EFG’s EU funded projects ROBOMINERS, INTERMIN, REFLECT or ProSkill. You can also get in touch with me if you have any questions about our Panels of Experts, the EFGeoMentoring Programme or our Endorsed Training Programme.

Alberto is a Spanish Geologist with several postgrads courses in Geotechnical and Oil & Gas Engineering. Alberto has international experience and good skills in exploration, rock mechanics, water remediation and geotechnics. He is also interested in mapping and geohazards and likes practising sports (alpinism, kayaking, football), reading and travelling.

Project Officer

Tamas Miklovicz

You can contact Tamás regarding EFG’s EU funded projects CROWDTHERMAL, ENGIE, INFACT or SUMEX. He can also provide you with information about any ICT related questions.

Tamas is a Hungarian Engineering Geologist, engaged in technology, mineral raw materials, foresight studies, and the energy transition. Tamas has a cross-European educational background on mining, exploration, geology, renewable energy, engineering, international cooperation, and a personal interest in photo/video production, ICT, sports, and sustainable solutions. He is mission driven and shares EFG’s Vision towards a sustainable future.

Communication Officer

María Amparo López

As EFG’s Communication Officer, María is specialised in animation, graphic design and video editing and has experience in implementing multimedia tasks related to the communication of the EFG core activities and its EU-funded projects. Please contact María in case you would like to contribute to our webinar series

María has a cross-European educational and professional background. She participated in the Erasmus exchange programme in Ireland. After completing her Master’s degree in Communications in Spain, she worked and lived in Spain, Turkey, and Belgium.

Assistant Project Officer

Yuyu He

Yuyu is EFG’s Assistant Project Officer. She is supporting our team in administrative and communication-related tasks and is also involved in several of our EU funded projects. 

After spending most of her childhood in Congo, Yuyu travelled to China, where she studied Mandarin. Yuyu then moved to Brussels, where she is currently based. She holds an undergraduate degree in Germanic Languages and Letters. After following a career pathway in the financial sector, Yuyu decided to change gear by pursuing what she loves most, natural sciences. This has led her to graduate with a Master’s degree in Environmental Science and Management.

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