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The European Federation of Geologists (EFG) offers a wide range of publications, including the European Geologist journal, the monthly newsletter GeoNews, and the fortnightly news compilation EFGeoWeek, all of which are freely accessible.

Additionally, we are in the process of launching a training academy to support the Continuing Professional Development of geologists and run a mentoring programme that fosters networking and career development.

Our activities are financed through national association membership fees.

To alleviate the burden on our members, we are calling for donations.

Why Donate to EFG?

EFG’s mission is to promote excellence in the application of geoscience across Europe, represent the professional European associations of geologists, and create public awareness of geoscience’s importance to society. As the geological organisation of choice for National Associations throughout Europe seeking representation within the EU, and for policymakers seeking expertise, we aim to be recognised globally through our international network of partnering organisations and respected as a federation steeped in values that sustainably balance the needs of all humanity with that of our planet.

EFG is a not-for-profit organisation registered in Belgium. Our activities are supported by the membership fees of our national association members. To further expand our reach, we welcome donations that support our objectives of promoting the importance of geology for society, fostering professional development at the highest ethical standards, and networking among geologists in Europe and globally.

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If you agree to be acknowledged as a donor, please write us a comment in the form. The names and countries of the donors who accept to be acknowledged will be displayed at the bottom of this page in alphabetical order.

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We accept both donations from individuals and from companies.

If you have any questions concerning donations to EFG, please reach out to us via the following page.

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David Govoni – Italy

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