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At a glance

  • European Geologist is a bi-annual Diamond Open Access publication (free to publish and free to read)
  • Articles are peer reviewed by an independent Reviewers Board
  • Calls for abstracts for the thematic issues are published twice per year, in June and December
  • ISSN: 1028-267X (print) and 2294-8813 (online)

Latest issue


Soil – Our endangered food base


Sustainable land-use alternatives in tropical rainforests? Evidence from natural and social sciences by by Jörg Matschullat, Roberval Monteiro Bezerra de Lima, Sophie F. von Fromm, Gilvan Coimbra Martins, Mauana Schneider, Armin Mathis, Andrea Malheiros Ramos, Alexander Plessow and Kelly Kibler

GEMAS: Geochemistry of European agricultural and grazing land soil by Alecos Demetriades, Clemens Reimann, Manfred Birke, Philippe Négrel, Anna Ladenberger, Timo Tarvainen, Martiya Sadeghi and The GEMAS Project Team

Global assessment of soil pollution: The need for standardized methods by Frank P.J. Lamé, Klaus Liphard, Marleen Schoemaker and Theresa Geßwein

Popkin: A US Perspective on Soil Pollution: Observations, Conclusions, and Recommendations by Barney Paul Popkin

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The European Geologist Journal is an online peer-reviewed publication for professional geologists issued by the European Federation of Geologists.

It is published twice a year and carries technical and professional articles on geological topics and other matters. The European Geologist Journal aims to communicate issues relating to professional geology and EFG activities to the geological community. The European Commission and Parliament are also informed about geology-related matters through this channel. The European Geologist Journal provides a platform to publish work by members of National Associations of the European Federation of Geologists and others and to share knowledge and experience, including work done by Working Groups and Panels of Experts of the EFG. Furthermore, it is used as a means of communication for National Associations about their professional geology activities and the dissemination of best practice. The Journal aims to emphasise the importance of geosciences to society and the benefits of incorporating geoscientific advice in policy and decision making.

The Editorial Board of the European Geologist journal welcomes article proposals in line with the specific topic agreed on by the EFG Council. The call for articles is published twice a year, in June and December. The European Geologist journal publishes feature articles covering all branches of geosciences. EGJ furthermore publishes book reviews; interviews carried out with geoscientists for the section ‘Professional profiles’ and news relevant to the geological profession.

Open access policy

All articles published in the European Geologist journal are made immediately available worldwide under an open-access license.

This means:

  • everyone has free and unlimited access to the full-text of all articles published in the European Geologist journal;
  • everyone is free to reuse the published material if proper accreditation/citation of the original publication is given;
  • the authors retain the copyright of their work instead of transferring it to the European Geologist journal.

This policy complies with the DOAJ definition of open access. 

What does ‘Open Access’ mean?

Under major definitions of open access in scientific literature (namely the Budapest, Berlin, and Bethesda declarations), the European Federation of Geologists defines open access as follows:

  • peer-reviewed literature is freely available without subscription or price barriers,
  • literature is immediately released in open access format (no embargo period), and
  • published material can be reused without obtaining permission as long as a correct citation to the original publication is given.

Open access publishing fosters the exchange of research results amongst scientists from different disciplines and facilitates interdisciplinary research. This principle is, for instance, also applied within the European Union’s Horizon 2020 framework programme.

EFG applies the open access principle since 2010, when the European Geologist journal was first published online. Since then, all issues are freely available online. By 2021, European Geologist articles are officially published under the Creative Commons Attribution License. The articles are using the latest version of the CC BY license, which grants authors the most extensive rights.

For further details, please check the section on Copyright and Licensing.

Editorial Board

The Editorial Board is appointed by the Board of the European Federation of Geologists on behalf of the Council and consists of at least three EFG Council delegates, the Editor-in-Chief and the EFG External Relations Officer (see EFG Regulation G3 for further details).

The current members of the Editorial Board are:

  • Pavlos Tyrologou (Editor-in-Chief), Centre for Research & Technology Hellas and EFG External Relations Officer
  • Pierre Christe, Service de l’Environnement, Canton du Vallais
  • Vitor Correia, International Raw Materials Observatory
  • Isabel Fernández, European Federation of Geologists
  • Hans-Jürgen Gursky, University of Clausthal
  • Eva Hartai, University of Miskolc
  • Michael Neumann, Professional Association of German Geoscientists
  • Edmund Nickless, Geological Society of London

Staff and layout editor: Anita Stein

Copy editor: Robin Nagano

Hard copies

Since 2010, European Geologist is an open access publication which is freely available online.

Hard copies may be purchased at a price of 15 € per copy.

Notes for Contributors


  • Title followed by the author(s) name(s), place of work and email address,
  • Abstract in English, French and Spanish,
  • Main text without figures,
  • Acknowledgements (optional),
  • References.


  • Translation of the abstracts to French and Spanish can be provided by EFG.
  • The abstract should summarize the essential information provided by the article in not more than 120 words.
  • It should be intelligible without reference to the article and should include information on scope and objectives of the work described, methodology, results obtained and conclusions.

Main Text

  • The main text should be no longer than 10 pages, provided in doc or docx format.
  • Figures should be referred in the text in italic.
  • Citation of references in the main text should be as follows: ‘Vidas and Cooper (2009) calculated…’ or ‘Possible reservoirs include depleted oil and gas fields… (Holloway et al., 2005)’. When reference is made to a work by three or more authors, the first name followed by ‘et al.’ should be used.
  • Please limit the use of footnotes and number them in the text via superscripts. Instead of using footnotes, it is preferable to suggest further reading.


  • Figures should be submitted as separate files in JPEG or TIFF format with at least 300dpi.
  • Authors are invited to suggest optimum positions for figures and tables even though lay-out considerations may require some changes.


  • References shall be listed alphabetically at the end of the manuscript in the following manner:
  • Journal articles: Author surname, initial(s). Date of publication. Title of article. Journal name, Volume number. First page – last page.
  • Books: Author surname, initial(s). Date of publication. Title. Place of publication.

Measurements and units

  • Measurements and units: Geoscientists use Système International (SI) units. If the measurement (for example, if it was taken in 1850) was not in SI, please convert it (in parentheses). If the industry standard is not SI, exceptions are permitted.


All correspondence regarding publication should be addressed to: Pavlos Tyrologou, Editor-in-Chief, Rue Jenner 13, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium.


All information published in the journal remains the responsibility of individual contributors. The Editorial Board is not liable for any views or opinions expressed by these authors.


EFG broadly disseminates geology-related information among geologists, geoscientific organizations and the private sector which is an important employer for our professional members, but also to the general public.

Our different communication tools are the:

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  • European Geologist Journal, EFG’s biannual journal. Since 2010 the European Geologist Journal is published online on our website and distributed electronically. Some copies of the EGJ are printed for our members associations and the EFG Office that distributes them to the EU Institutions and companies.

By means of these tools, EFG reaches approximately 50,000 European geologists as well as the international geology community.
EFG offers different options for advertising. For the individual prices of these different advertisement options please refer to the table below.
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