Panels of Experts

Provision of independent, reliable information on geoscientific issues

EFG’s Panels of Experts (PE) offer a platform encouraging the collaboration between professionals from different European countries working in the same field of geosciences. They have been set up to provide high-quality information and advice to the European institutions, international NGOs and professional bodies. Their mission is to enhance EFG’s visibility, emphasise the importance of geoscience for society, and influence EU decision-making in this regard.

EFG currently has 9 Panels of Experts:

CO2 & Hydrogen Geological Storage




Geothermal Energy

Natural Hazards

Geological Heritage


Soil protection

Scope of work

Experts contribute to the Panels on a voluntary basis but are involved in a variety of high-level activities:

  • Being part of an international network of experts having the same area of expertise
  • Raising awareness of technical and professional issues towards different audiences
  • Influencing decision makers to ensure that geoscience is better taken into account
  • Participation in workshops or meetings with EU policy makers
  • Participation in EU Working Groups on behalf of EFG
  • Participation in EU public consultations on behalf of EFG
  • Drafting state-of-the-art reports and position papers
  • Improved insight into EU funding possibilities

How to get involved?

If you are an European Geologist title holder and interested in joining one of EFG’s Panels of Experts, please approach the coordinator (see contact details on top of each Panel’s page).

Experts are requested to provide the following information about their expertise:

  • Name and contact details
  • Company/Institute/Organisation
  • EFG National Association
  • Academic qualifications
  • Area of expertise, incl. possible subdivision (e.g. natural hazards; floods expert)
  • Area of interest
  • Years of relevant experience
  • Involvement in other networks
  • LinkedIn profile URL (if available)
  • CV
  • Any other relevant information

For any general questions about the Panels of Experts, please reach out to our Head Office.

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