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Geothermal energy is widely known for its reliable, weather-independent and renewable nature, and it is commonly used in many countries all over the world for power generation purposes and heat applications including heat pumps. However, the use of geothermal energy, is very uneven within the EU space, conditioned by several aspects: geological, technological and political. At the same time, geothermal energy generates significant socio-economic and environmental benefits when compared to other energy sources.

Achieving a low carbon and sustainable economy involves energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable ones. Geothermal is baseload renewable energy that complements the intermittency of solar and wind energy. It is a main contender in diversifying the energy supply and the large scale integration of Earth’s heat into the energy mix. Geothermal is a major step towards a sustainable future: be part of the change!

The EFG Panels of Experts on Geothermal Energy contributes to the development of European Policies of interest to geologists and geological issues and facilitates the public acceptance of Geothermal Energy. The panel identifies sensitive problems in the geothermal energy sector and proposes solutions at European level.

The aim of the EFG PE on Geothermal Energy is the promotion of excellence in the application of geology in the Geothermal Energy sector:

  • EFG Panel of Experts provides the possibility for interchanging experiences between Geothermal experts from different European countries
  • EFG PE on Geothermal Energy has the potential to become the main actor in harmonizing this field and to be instrumental in the sustainable growth of geothermal energy utilization
  • The members of the Geothermal PE must help the EU Institutions and organizations of EU countries during decision-making process in the geothermal sector.

Our experts

János Szanyi

János Szanyi


Estelle Petitclerc (Belgium), Christian Boissavy (France), Burkhard Sanner (Germany), Detlev Doherr (Germany), Gareth Ll. Jones (Ireland), Riccardo Pasquali (Ireland), Annamaria Nador (Hungary), Attila Kujbus (Hungary), Pedro Madureira (Portugal), Nick O’Neill (Ireland), Gabriele Cesari (Italy), José Angel Sanchez (Spain), Isabel Fernandez (Spain), Nina Rman (Slovenia), Mikael Erlström (Sweden), Alain Dassargues (Belgium), Bruno Sameiro Pereira (Portugal)

Our current activity

Activities we developed


  • Contribution to the EGEC Consultation on EIA & Harmonised European Geothermal Licensing Guidelines, 2021
  • Interview with coordinator János Szanyi
  • EFG was the coordinator of the project GEOTRAINET – “GEO-EDUCATION FOR A SUSTAINABLE GEOTHERMAL HEATING AND COOLING MARKET”. The aim of the project GEOTRAINET was to develop the training of professionals involved in Ground Source Heat Pump installations (GSHP).
  • EFG participated in the European Union Sustainable Energy Week 2008, (28 January-1 February): Stand on Geology and Sustainable Energy
  • EFG created this group of experts in 2005. It was originally called ”Panel of Experts on Geothermal Energy and CO2 Sequestration”. In 2008 the group split into two different groups: Panel of Experts on Geothermal Energy and Panel of Experts on CO2 Geological Storage.


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