EFG contributes to GEOTRAINET position paper


GeoTrainet supports the establishment of training and certification programmes for geothermal heat pump designers (those who carry out feasibility and design studies, including geology) and drillers, accompanying the realisation of the great potential of this technology in providing renewable heating and cooling. The overarching goal of GeoTrainet is to help ensuring high quality installations for a sustainable geothermal heat pump market.

EFG has been the coordinator of the EU funded GeoTrainet project and is one of the founding members of the GeoTrainet not-for-profit association which has been set up after the end of the EU funding period.

With the support of EFG, GeoTrainet has recently drafted a position paper reviewing the Renewable Energy Directive and in particular Article 18 on Training and Information.

To align the revision of the Renewable Energy Directive Article 18 with the requirements of a new 55% greenhouse gases emissions reduction target it is, according to GeoTrainet, crucial that:

  • GeoTrainet strictly ensures the implementation by Member States of the European provisions on “information and training”, which has not been effectively addressed until now.
  • A European framework for certification of geothermal installers is established for the mutual recognition of schemes across Europe and smooth operation of the Internal Market.
  • Article 18 includes provisions for the training of workers in sectors other than the renewable industry dealing with the technical requirements and services provided by renewable technologies such as geothermal heat pumps, notably in the building, industry and agricultural sectors.

Read the full position paper here.