EFG Council approves revised CPD scheme

During the EFG Council meeting in November 2018, a revised version of EFG’s regulation regarding Continuing Professional Development (CPD) has been approved.

The revised CPD scheme includes the following changes for European Geologist title holders:

  • To simplify the CPD classification scheme, the two Formal Learning categories (FLT and FLU) have been merged to one new FL category and the two categories of “Participating in the Geoscience Community” (PGC) to one.
  • Following up on discussions with overseas sister organisations, the need for training courses in Social Competence and Ethics has been recognised and is honoured in the new CPD scheme with two subcategories:
    • Social Responsibility (SR): first aid, fire protection, mine rescue etc.
    • Ethics (ETH): courses on ethics and compliance in professional life.
  • To promote the excellency and the quality of the EuroWorkshops and EFG’s Endorsed Training Programme, a new category has been included: EWS (EuroWorkshop & Endorsed Training).
  • In addition, an extra category for the activities relating to EFG’s International Mentoring Programme has been added.
  • Within the category “Professional practice”, a subcategory on “Non-job learning” (NJL) has been included which encourages European Geologists to extend their CPD programme to other non-geological fields like learning languages and improving their management skills.

These changes within the CPD scheme will be implemented in the EurGeol App, a completely revamped version of the current EurGeol tool, which will be launched in January 2019.


Left: Former CPD scheme. Right: New CPD scheme approved by the EFG Council in November 2018.

In addition to these changes which impact the requirements for European Geologists in terms of reporting their CPD activities, a change for new title applications has been implemented in the Federation’s regulations. For most certified geologists and Competent Persons worldwide, the major requirement is a minimum of five years professional experience in the relevant field of geology. During the Çesme Council Meeting in May 2018, it was therefore decided to lift the requirements for applicants to the EurGeol title from four to five years of experience in all fields of geology. This change to the EFG regulations has been officially implemented during the November Council meeting and is now applicable for all new title applications.  

More information about the EurGeol title: https://eurogeologists.eu/eurgeol-title/