Panel of Experts on CO2 & Hydrogen Geological Storage


The mission of the PE on CO2 and Hydrogen Geological Storage is closely aligned with the principal objectives of the European Federation of Geologists, which are representing, safeguarding and promoting the geological profession, promoting best practices and responsible use of resources, and establishing policies on environmental matters and sustainability. The current development of CO2, natural hydrogen exploration and Hydrogen geological storage makes these objectives highly relevant for the topic of energy storage. The success of CCS will largely depend on how reliably CO2 can and will be stored, while the new era to Hydrogen relies on Hydrogen geological storage and the various colors for hydrogen, justifying the dedicated mission of the PE CO2 and Hydrogen Geological Storage: emphasising the role of professional geologists and the importance of the geological perspective in the overall concept of CO2 and Hydrogen storage.

This panel of experts has been created in October 2008. Before it was part of the ”Panel of Experts on Geothermal Energy and CO2 Sequestration” and the “Panel of experts on CO2 storage”.

Our experts

Nikolaos Koukouzas

Nikolaos Koukouzas



Kris Welkenhuysen (Belgium), Nuno da Silva (Belgium & Portugal), Gyorgy Falus (Hungary), Deirdre Lewis (Ireland), Nick O’Neill (Ireland), Federico Spagnoli (Italy), Henk J.M Pagnier (NL), Ilka von Dalwigk (Sweden), Juan Alonso Aparte (Spain), Miloš Markič (Slovenia), Tonći Grgasović (Croatia), Kris Piessens (Belgium), John Midgley (UK), Michael Haschke (Germany)

Our current activity

Activities we developed

State of the Art Report on Carbon Capture and Storage

The report offers an introduction to carbon sequestration technologies in use or being investigated, especially in the energy industry, which emits a considerable amount of CO2 in the course of producing the materials, fuel and power that make our lifestyles possible. The earth sciences are fundamental in many of these technologies, meaning that geoscientists and geoengineers have an essential role in sustainable progress.

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