Results EFG Employment Survey 2023


The annual EFG Employment Survey aims to provide insights into the labour market for geologists in Europe. Overall, the survey highlights the challenges and opportunities within the geology profession in Europe, with insights into employment trends, salary discrepancies, and mobility patterns.

Here are the key takeaways from 2023:

  1. General Information:
    • 414 participants took part in the survey, with a majority being male (73%) and 27% female.
    • 32% of respondents hold the European Geologist professional title (EurGeol).
    • Switzerland, the UK, and Germany had the highest participation numbers.
  2. Work Conditions:
    • 64% of participants work full-time, while 2.4% are unemployed, showing a slight decrease from the previous year.
    • 67% of unemployed individuals have less than 5 years of experience, indicating challenges for early-career professionals.
  3. Professional Experience:
    • The majority of participants hold senior positions (40%), followed by managers (20%) and juniors (12%).
    • Only 1% of participants are students/interns.
  4. Academic Qualifications:
    • Most participants have a master’s degree (56%), with a significant number also holding a Ph.D. or Post Doc (38%).
  5. Salaries in Europe:
    • Salaries vary greatly between countries, with an average annual salary of €55,247.
    • 68% of junior positions earn less than €40,000 per year.
    • There is a noticeable gender gap in junior positions.
  6. Professional Mobility:
    • A large number of participants work in the UK, Spain, and Ireland.
    • Only 7% work outside Europe.
    • There is significant mobility within Europe, with individuals moving between countries for work opportunities.


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