EFG Delegate from Ukraine Hanna Liventseva had to leave her country because of war. Currently, she is temporarily living and working in Barcelona, where she is involved in the project ‘Assessment of the geothermal potential of Catalonia’ of the GEP3BCN-CSIC.

EFG’s Spanish Association, the Official Spanish Association of Professional Geologists (Ilustre Colegio Oficial de Geólogos, ICOG) helped Hanna to relocate and find a job in Spain.

In 2022, as an ICOG employee, Hanna published a series of articles about the mineral resources of Ukraine and the legislative framework in the field of extraction, trying to convey to European readers information about the richness and diversity of Ukraine’s subsoil. The articles can be found at the following link and we invite you to read them: https://www.icog.es/TyT/index.php/author/hanna-liventseva

It was the interest in these publications that triggered the organisation of the series of conferences and seminars ‘Global Vision of Ukrainian Geology’ by GEP3BCN-CSIC.

Up to now, three events have been organised within the series: