Hungarian Geological Society marks 175th anniversary with celebration in Budapest

From left to right: President of the Hungarian Geological Society Tóth Tivadar, Past EFG delegate Eva Hartai, EFG President David Govoni and EFG delegate Ferenc Madai.

On November 22nd, the Hungarian Geological Society commemorated a significant milestone as it celebrated its 175th anniversary with a gathering of 200 invited guests in Budapest. EFG President David Govoni attended the event on behalf of the Federation.

The event provided a platform to reflect on the rich history and evolution of Hungarian geology and of the Hungarian Geological Society, tracing its roots back to 1848.

EFG President David Govoni and Istvan Berczi, a past president of EFG from Hungary.

David Govoni seized the opportunity to engage with key figures in Hungarian geology, including Istvan Berczi, a past president of EFG from Hungary. Moreover, he had enlightening conversations with current and past EFG delegates, including Ferenc Madai, János Szanyi, and Eva Hartai. Together, they explored the contemporary challenges confronting geology in Hungary, fostering a deeper understanding of the issues at hand and reinforcing the bond between EFG and the national geological association.

During his speech, David Govoni highlighted the TIMREX project. EFG is a partner of this EIT RawMaterials-funded project which is developing a Master’s degree in mineral exploration.

EFG President David Govoni presenting the TIMREX project.