European Parliament adopts own-initiative report on geothermal

The European Parliament’s plenary session on 18 January overwhelmingly backed a resolution supporting a European geothermal energy strategy. 96% of MEPs present voted in favour of developing a coherent European strategy for geothermal energy to reduce administrative burdens and support investment in buildings, industry and agriculture across the EU. It calls for the creation of a geothermal industry alliance and the introduction of a harmonised insurance scheme to mitigate financial risk, to address the main barriers for investors. Finally, the resolution calls for additional support for regions economically dependent on fossil fuels to enable them to make the transition to geothermal energy.

The basis for this resolution is an own-initiative report on geothermal energy presented by MEP Zdzisław Krasnodębski.

This document is an important step towards making geothermal energy a major driver of energy diversification and large-scale energy market integration!

About the potential of geothermal energy

Geothermal energy is widely recognised for its reliability, independence from weather conditions, and renewability. It is commonly utilised in numerous countries worldwide for both power generation and heat applications, including heat pumps. However, the adoption of geothermal energy varies considerably within the EU, influenced by various factors such as geological, technological, and political considerations. Nevertheless, geothermal energy offers significant socio-economic and environmental advantages compared to other energy sources.

Transitioning to a low-carbon and sustainable economy necessitates a shift from fossil fuels to renewable alternatives. Geothermal energy serves as a baseload renewable energy source that complements the intermittency of solar and wind power. It plays a crucial role in diversifying the energy supply and facilitating the large-scale integration of Earth’s heat into the energy mix. Embracing geothermal energy is a significant step towards a sustainable future: be part of the change! 

EFG stands ready to provide expertise

The aim of the EFG Panels of Experts on Geothermal Energy is the promotion of excellence in the application of geology in the geothermal energy sector:

  • The Panel of Experts facilitates the exchange of knowledge and experiences among geothermal experts from various European countries.
  • The Panel has the potential to become a leading entity in harmonising standards within the field and contributing to the sustainable growth of geothermal energy utilisation.
  • Members of the Geothermal Panel of Experts are prepared to offer expert support to EU institutions.

In addition, EFG is and has been involved in several EU-funded projects performing research around geothermal energy, contributing thus actively to fostering innovation in this field. 

Discover some of our geothermal projects: 

  • CRM-geothermal (2022-2026): Developing an innovative technology solution that combines the extraction of critical raw materials and energy from geothermal fluids
  • REFLECT (2020-2023): Redefining geothermal fluid properties at extreme conditions to optimize future geothermal energy extraction
  • CROWDTHERMAL (2019-2023): Empowering the European public to directly participate in the development of geothermal projects with the help of alternative financing schemes
  • GEOTRAINET (2008-2011): Geo-Education for a sustainable geothermal heating and cooling market