On 24 February 2021, EFG organised the webinar ‘Mineral resources of Sweden’.

Sweden is well known for its raw material resources and active mining industry. Swedish ore production represents a significant part of the EU mining sector and the associated Swedish industry cluster producing mining equipment lists several companies of worldwide reputation. Historically iron ore, noble and base metals have been mined, but the potential for other emerging critical raw materials such as REE is high. This webinar aims to present the mineral resources and mining industry of Sweden in a historical and geological context, but also take a glance at future potential and discuss related problems and difficulties.

The coordinator of the EFG Panel of Experts on Minerals and their sustainable use, Markku Iljina, was the host of the webinar.

Eurogeologist Magnus Johansson was the presenter. Magnus is chair of the geoscientists branch of the Swedish Association of Professional Scientists and member of the EFG Panel of Experts on Minerals. He has spent more than 10 years in the mining and minerals sector and has a wide experience from other areas totalling some 15+ years. He has worked in different positions ranging from research, applied geology and consulting to state agency physical planning roles and recently founded a private consultant company.