Elevating the Geoscience Profession is Crucial to Tackle Society’s Most Pressing Challenges

European Federation of Geologists Unveils New Strategy and Modern Identity

The European Federation of Geologists (EFG) announces the launch of its new strategy for the period 2023-2027 aimed at promoting excellence in the application of geoscience across Europe. As part of this new strategic plan, EFG has undergone a significant rebranding process, revealing a modern logo which symbolises inclusivity and the multifaceted nature of Earth.

EFG’s Mission: Promoting Geoscience Excellence

The core mission of EFG is to champion excellence in the application of geoscience throughout Europe. The Federation strives to represent professional associations of geologists from across Europe, and to create public awareness of geoscience’s profound importance to society. Through its national member associations, EFG represents approximately 45,000 geoscience professionals.

Geologists, through their study of climate change impacts on natural hazards like landslides, coastal erosion, earthquakes, and sea-level rise, play a pivotal role in addressing some of the most pressing issues in society. These also encompass the access to renewable energy sources, mineral supply and water management. Geologists are instrumental in delivering most of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), ensuring resilience to environmental change or geological hazards for people, jobs, and infrastructure.

A Geological Organisation of Choice for Professional Recognition

As the geological organisation of choice for National Associations throughout Europe seeking representation within the EU, and for policymakers seeking expertise, EFG aims to be recognised globally through its international network of partnering organisations. Moreover, EFG aspires to be respected as a Federation deeply rooted in values that balance the needs of humanity with those of our planet. EFG also advocates for the essential role of professional geologists in sectors such as the energy transition and public safety, particularly regarding topics like climate change.

EFG is actively engaged in policy advocacy at the European level, calling for increased investment in geoscience education and training. Additionally, the Federation advocates for a stronger political recognition of the profession of Geologist in relevant EU legislation. Elevating the profile and competencies of the geological workforce and facilitating international mobility are deemed crucial in tackling climate change effectively.

Three Pillars for the New Strategy: Brand, Financial stability, Relationships

EFG’s new strategy revolves around being the organisation of choice in Europe for National Associations desiring representation within the European Union and for policy-makers seeking expertise. This increased emphasis on making the voice of professional geologists heard at EU level entails consolidating core operations for maximum impact, investing in relationships to amplify the voice of geologists, and striving for global recognition across relevant organisations.

A Fresh Look for a Forward-Thinking Approach

As an integral part of this strategic evolution, EFG has undergone a rebranding process, unveiling a vibrant and modern logo. The logo’s use of colour represents various components of Earth, such as soil, water, vegetation, mineral resources or glaciers. It serves as a visual representation of EFG’s commitment to inclusivity and the diverse aspects of the geoscience profession.

As states EFG President David Govoni, “The new logo represents much more than a simple graphical exercise. It is the culmination of a complex process, incorporating insights from both our Council members and external stakeholders. Beyond its aesthetic transformation, the logo signifies a profound shift and holds a deeper meaning. It is a strategic element that aligns seamlessly with our evolved vision and will play a pivotal role in delivering the outcomes outlined in our new strategy.”

Collaboration and Engagement: A Clear Priority

EFG places a strong emphasis on collaboration with other major European and international geoscience organisations. This strategic partnership is designed to amplify the collective voice of geologists and better highlight their contributions to society.

About EFG:

The European Federation of Geologists (EFG) is a non-profit organisation that represents the professional interests of the geological community in Europe. EFG actively promotes the importance of geoscience for society and advocates for sustainable practices to address global challenges, particularly in the field of climate change. For more information see: www.eurogeologists.eu


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