EFG response to European Net Zero Industry Act 

EFG has recently submitted feedback on the European Commission’s European Net Zero Industry Act (NZIA) proposal.

The proposed Act aims to promote and achieve carbon neutrality across industries in which geologists’ expertise plays a crucial role, as follows:

  • Assess the feasibility of and ultimately deliver low-carbon energy resources from geothermal energy and natural hydrogen.
  • Identify, assess risks, and mitigate sites for the ultra-long-term secure storage of carbon dioxide through Carbon Capture and Storage Technologies (CCS).
  • Identify and manage suitable locations and facilities for underground storage of key net-zero gases, such as hydrogen gas, compressed air, and ongoing legacy natural gas management.
  • Identify suitable locations for renewable energy infrastructure, such as wind farms, tidal/wave energy, and solar.
  • Promote sustainable extraction and recycling of minerals required for clean energy technologies, including wind turbines, solar panels, EV batteries, electrification, geothermal energy, and energy storage.

EFG thanks the European Commission for the opportunity to provide feedback and has expressed specific recommendations around the following themes:

  1. Geological Education, Formal acknowledgement of Geological Profession, Statistics
  • Risk of an insufficient geologist talent pipeline and skills pool
  • Formal acknowledgement of Geological Profession within the EU to meet targets set in Article 24
  • Gathering of employment statistics on net-zero professions and their evolution
  1. Geological Carbon Storage, Natural Hydrogen, Underground Thermal Energy Storage (UTES)
  • Role of Geological Carbon Storage
  • CCS technologies and natural hydrogen production
  • Inclusion of Natural Hydrogen in EU Legislation
  • Role of Underground Thermal Energy Storage (UTES)

EFG’s full response to the NZIA proposal is available at the following link.