EFG President David Govoni highlights importance of collaboration and skills development at 2023 World Young Scientists Summit

Last November, EFG President David Govoni participated in the 2023 World Young Scientists Summit and Youth Climate Action Forum held in Wenzhou, China. The event, which drew in a high-level scientific community, featured notable figures including three Nobel Prize winners – Joseph H. Taylor, Jr from the USA, Hartmut Michel from Germany, and Konstantin Novosëlov from the UK.

With approximately 1000 attendees on-site and many more participating online, the summit served as a platform for crucial discussions on pressing global challenges. David Govoni, in his opening address to the Youth Climate Action Forum, emphasized two key points:

Firstly, David Govoni stressed the importance of educating a skilled workforce to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. Pointing out the workforce gap in the geological sector, David Govoni highlighted the necessity of diverse professional and scientific skills in achieving carbon neutrality and addressing climate change. He emphasised the need for collaboration between educational institutions and industry stakeholders to bridge this gap effectively.

Secondly, David Govoni underscored the significance of intercontinental collaboration in addressing the complexities of Earth’s systems. Drawing from his perspective as a geologist, he emphasised that achieving the SDGs necessitates collaboration across continents, considering the interconnected nature of global challenges.

David Govoni’s engagement extended beyond his keynote address. He actively interacted with top-level scientists from diverse fields such as biotechnology, robotics engineering, social sciences, biomedicine, and computing, all focused on implementing the SDGs. He noted that this interaction is crucial to widen the scope of opportunities for geologists and emphasized the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in tackling global challenges.

As David Govoni stated, his “takeaway message is to get in touch with non-geologists and all types of scientific sectors to ensure interdisciplinary cooperation and broaden the scope of opportunities for geologists.”