EFG, represented by its Swedish member Geosektionen/Naturvetarna, actively participated in the Nordic Geological Winter Meeting (NGWM) 2024 held from 10 to 12 January in Gothenburg, Sweden.

With a robust attendance of 530 participants, the event provided a prime opportunity for EFG to enhance its visibility and engage in networking within the Nordic geoscience community.

Key highlights included the presentation of two EU-funded projects with EFG involvement, CEEGS and CRM-geothermal, garnering significant interest from attendees.

Geosektionen generously provided EFG with space at their booth, where informative materials on both Geosektionen, Naturvetarna, and EFG were showcased alongside project brochures. Geosektionen’s board members Otto Pile, Felix Makowsky, Gerhard Schwarz, and Magnus Johansson, staffed the booth, with Magnus Johansson representing EFG as the Secretary General.

The NGWM technical sessions saw Magnus Johansson presenting the CEEGS project, while Gerhard Schwarz introduced the CRM-geothermal project, underlining EFG’s active involvement in the development of cutting-edge technologies.

EFG’s participation at NGWM underscores its commitment to engaging with the Nordic geoscience community and fostering collaboration across Europe. We are grateful to the event organisers for this fruitful media partnership and excellent networking opportunity. See you at the next edition of NGWM!