We invite all geologists to complete the 2024 edition of the EFG Employment Survey. 


The EFG Employment Survey aims to take a snapshot of the current labour market for geologists in Europe. Through this survey, we seek to answer crucial questions about the profession:

  • Which industries are professional geologists working in?
  • What is their current employment status and security?
  • Do their professional activities align with their training?
  • Are they capitalising on job opportunities in other European countries?
  • What are their prospects for the future?

To boost our advocacy efforts and enhance the recognition of the geologist profession at the European level, EFG needs robust data on the number of geology professionals in Europe and their mobility requirements. Our goal is to strengthen our engagement with the European institutions concerning the inclusion of the geologist profession under Directive 2005/36 and to advocate for the creation of a European Professional Card for geologists. Currently, the geologist profession is not considered eligible for the Professional Card due to the perception that it lacks high mobility requirements. We, as geologists, understand that our profession demands significant mobility, but we need concrete data to support our case.

Please help us to advance the recognition and importance of the geologist profession by completing the Employment Survey. Thank you for your participation and for contributing to the future of geology in Europe.