The EFG’s Panels of Experts offer a platform encouraging collaboration between professionals from different European countries working in the same field of geosciences. The panels have been set up to provide high-quality information and advice to European institutions, international NGOs and professional bodies. Their mission is to enhance EFG’s visibility, emphasise the importance of geoscience for society, and influence EU decision-making in this regard.

Currently, there are 10 EFG’s Panels of Experts in the following fields:

  • CO2 & Hydrogen Geological Storage
  • Education
  • Geological Disposal of Radioactive Material
  • Geological Heritage
  • Geotechnics
  • Geothermal Energy
  • Hydrogeology
  • Minerals
  • Natural Hazards
  • Soil Protection

Why become a member of the EFG’s Panels of Experts?

  • 1. Professional and career growth: Joining the EFG’s Panels of Experts will provide you with an opportunity to expand your knowledge and expertise in the field of geosciences. You will have access to various professional development opportunities, including meetings with EU policymakers and attending workshops and conferences (thanks to free tickets EFG receives via media partnerships).
  • 2. Networking opportunities: You will be part of an international network of experts who share the same area of expertise. This will open doors to new career opportunities and collaborations.
  • 3. Influence EU decision-making: As a member of the EFG’s Panels of Experts, you will have the opportunity to influence EU decision-making processes and ensure that geoscience is taken into account.
  • 4. Valuable experience: By participating in high-level activities such as drafting state-of-the-art reports and position papers, you will gain valuable experience that will enhance your professional skills.
  • 5. Financial benefits: As a volunteer member of EFG’s Panels of Experts, you will have access to improved insight into EU funding possibilities, which can benefit both your personal and professional development.

How can I apply?

If you are a European Geologist title holder and interested in this incredible opportunity, you can apply to become a member of the EFG’s Panels of Experts. Nevertheless, if you are not yet a European Geologist title holder, you can also apply for joining an EFG’s panel. In this case, if accepted as a member, you will have until the end of the year to apply for the European Geologist title.

To apply for becoming a member of the EFG’s Panels, please send the following information to EFG’s Project Officer Alberto Sánchez (

  • Name and contact details
  • Company/Institute/Organisation
  • EFG National Association
  • Academic qualifications
  • The panel of Experts you would like to join (e.g Panel of Experts on Geothermal)
  • Area of expertise, incl. possible subdivision (e.g. floods expert, Panel of Experts on Natural Hazards)
  • Years of relevant experience
  • Involvement in other networks
  • LinkedIn profile URL (if available)
  • CV
  • Any other relevant information


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to advance your career, expand your network, and contribute to the future of geoscience for society.

Apply now to become a member of the EFG’s Panels of Experts!