Glen Burridge’s tenure as the Executive Director of the European Federation of Geologists (EFG) concluded on the 9th of April. Glen has made significant contributions to the advancement of the Federation. The EFG Board and Secretariat team take this occasion to extend their sincere gratitude for Glen’s dedication. 

Glen Burridge stated:

“It has been a remarkable four and a half years as Executive Director of EFG. We have undergone many changes and ridden through several significant challenging periods. But I hope that the legacy of the new strategy, the pivot to diversify EFG’s activities, the range of new technology and tools we have put in place and upcoming restructuring of its governance will stand it in good stead for the major opportunities and upheavals that the coming decades will bring for our profession in Europe.

I would like to thank the various Board members for their commitment and particularly for their incredible response to the COVID crisis just 6 months into the job. Remote working was something we were already adept at, but it didn’t make navigating those difficult couple of years easy and mutual support at a distance was crucial.

I have learnt an immense amount about how the association world functions and our science. It’s been incredibly enjoyable to work with members of the Council, Expert Panels and others in the EFG community and beyond on individual projects and initiatives, the fruits of which have resulted in important policy submission to the EU institutions, new EU-funded projects, improved governance and new services that will come on-stream shortly.

Above all though, I want to thank the amazing team that makes up the EFG Secretariat, dispersed across Europe but with a quiet but unwavering commitment to EFG’s mission and values. Usually, when outsiders discover that they are only half a dozen people they are completely amazed, in many cases having only seen only a part of the quality – let alone quantity- of what they output in a given year. This tells you all you need to know.

I very much look forward to new horizons and continuing to work with EFG in a new, strategic, role and to continue to tell the world that #geologymatters!”

Please note that we currently have an open vacancy to fill the Executive Director position.