On June 22 from 9:30 to 11:00, the webinar Promoting geoheritage and geotourism will focus on the aesthetic and educational elements of geology. The free online event is organised by the Horizon 2020 GeoERA funded project GeoConnect³d and, the European Federation of Geologists will be participating.

The webinar will start from a European overview of geoheritage and geotourism. In Europe, there are endless geologic features with significant scientific, educational and cultural value. These areas are commonly well-known by local communities but rarely incorporated into geological models. The Coordinator of the EFG Panel of Experts on Geological Heritage, Mónica Sousa, and EFG’s Executive Director Glen Burridge will be participating as guest speakers.



09:30-09:45     Welcome and instructions for interactive session
09:45-09:55     Geoheritage: Protecting geodiversity and raising the visibility of geology in our lives  Guest speaker: Mónica Sousa (Portuguese Association of Geologists)
09:55-10:05     Geotourism: A prominent commercial and outreach opportunity for geoscience  Guest speaker: Glen Burridge (European Federation of Geologists)
10:05-10:20     Tackling the fundamental blind spot: can geology be explained and understood intuitively? | GeoConnect³d speaker: Kris Piessens (Geological Survey of Belgium)
10:20-10:55     Q&A and interactive session focusing on receiving feedback from guest speakers and audience about the GeoConnect³d method
10:55-11:00     General recap of the online event series


Please find more information about the webinar and register here.

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GeoConnect³d is organising three other webinars on geoscience during June:

-Groundwater – 23 June 2020

-Geothermal energy – 24 June 2020

-Subsurface management – 26 June 2020