On 11 April, EFG and the Consiglio Nazionale dei Geologi (CNG) successfully held a press conference at the European Parliament. Hosted by MEP Aldo Patriciello, the event allowed the Federation to highlight the crucial role geologists play for society.

EFG and CNG introduced key policy recommendations to EU policymakers, aiming to strengthen the role of the geological community in supporting EU policies effectively.

These recommendations, central to the conference agenda, outlined crucial policy support necessary to empower the geological community to contribute meaningfully to EU objectives:

  1. Priority to Geological Education: It is imperative to include geological education as a focal point in the school curricula of all European countries. This step will establish a solid foundation for future industry professionals, ensuring a skilled workforce aligned with EU goals.
  2. Recognition of the Geologist Profession: Full recognition of the Geologist profession through inclusion in the EU Directive 2005/36 on Professional Qualifications will facilitate greater professional mobility within the European Union. This recognition is essential to foster collaboration and expertise exchange across member states.
  3. Sustainability in Resource Management: Building on the Critical Raw Materials Act, the European Union must create a favourable environment for sustainable and secure mineral supply. Integrating such activities into the EU Taxonomy will promote responsible resource management and support EU sustainability goals.
  4. Investments in Renewable Energy: Policy support for investment in geothermal energy and natural hydrogen is critical for promoting a transition to low-impact energy sources. The European Geothermal Strategy will represent a pivotal milestone in achieving renewable energy objectives.
  5. Secure Carbon Storage: Accelerating the installation of infrastructure necessary for deep and secure carbon storage requires macro-finance incentives, public engagement, and certificates of competence. These measures, as part of the Industrial Carbon Management Strategy, will facilitate the EU’s commitment to carbon neutrality.
  6. Environmental Management: Enhancing monitoring of soil and water health via the Soil Health Law is essential for ensuring long-term environmental sustainability. Robust environmental management practices are crucial for safeguarding Europe’s natural resources and ecosystems.
  7. Geotourism for Environmental Awareness: Initiatives to support geotourism play a vital role in raising awareness about the wonders of natural landscapes. By promoting the conservation and protection of our environmental heritage, geotourism contributes to fostering environmental consciousness among EU citizens.

For more information, check out our YouTube playlist for statements by the EFG Board and Secretariat: