In March, EFG had the chance to visit the premises of the Consiglio Nazionale dei Geologi, CNG, our Italian National Association member. 🇮🇹

EFG Executive Director Glen Burridge, Interim Director of Stakeholder Engagement Maureen Gallagher and Project Officer Tamas Miklovicz discovered the CNG’s GeologiTV studio and the training centre Fondazioni Centro Studi.

The aim of this first of a series of #EFGVisitingNAs trips was to exchange with CNG on best practices, especially in the areas of public relations and training, and to identify potential synergies for collaboration.

It was exciting to hear of CNG’s efforts, early success, and to brainstorm ideas of what EFG might do to further reach geologists, the pubic, and law-makers, with stories that are important to our profession.

As EFG Executive Director Glen Burridge stated, CNG’s TV Studio is “impressive and pioneering. Exactly what our profession needs to move forward and tell our story. CNG are really at the spearhead of this and we can all learn a huge amount from this initiative.”

The visit to the TV studio also allowed us to record a series of interviews.

Watch out for upcoming episodes of GeologiTV with Glen Burridge and EFG President-Elect David Govoni! 🎥

Many thanks to the CNG Board and Secretariat for their hospitality and time!