At a glance: 

  • Self-paced recorded courses launching this summer ☀️
  • Live online courses and group coaching starting in September 🍂
  • First masterclass: “Machine Learning for Geoscientists” on July 31st 📅
  • Focus on both technical competencies and Human Intelligence 💡

We are excited to announce the launch of the EFG Academy, a new initiative by the European Federation of Geologists (EFG) designed to support the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) of geologists. This platform is dedicated to enhancing knowledge sharing and professional growth within the geoscience community, offering courses developed by experienced geologists for the benefit of all.

Upcoming Courses and Collaborations

Our first offering is a 2-hour masterclass on “Machine Learning for Geoscientists,” conducted by Tom Meuzelaar from Life Cycle Geo, scheduled for the 31st of July. This session will cover the digital transformation within the mining industry, basic machine learning concepts, and various practical applications. Registration is now open, so be sure to secure your spot!

Starting in September (dates to be confirmed), we are planning to collaborate with various organisations to bring several live online courses to the geologist community. These may include:

  • Software Courses co-organised by ICOG: Leapfrog Edge Fundamentals, Leapfrog Geo Advanced, Leapfrog Geo Fundamentals
  • Environmental Geochemistry: A comprehensive course by Tom Meuzelaar
  • Advocacy MasterClass: Presented by Alan Hardacre

Additionally, we will collaborate with EFG’s National Associations to integrate their training programmes into the EFG Academy, making them accessible at the EU level.

Self-Paced Learning Opportunities

This summer, we also plan to launch several self-paced recorded courses based on past successful trainings. These include:

  • “Mineral Exploration via Satellite Remote Sensing” by Arda Arcasoy
  • “Lessons and Tools to Increase Your Public Affairs Impact” by Maureen Gallagher
  • “PERC Reporting Standards Seminar” by Ed Sides

Please note that while these courses above are planned, some may be subject to change, and new courses are expected to be added.

Developing Human Intelligence

The EFG Academy is not just about technical skills; we are also committed to fostering Human Intelligence and interpersonal skills. Our coaching programme, currently in development, aims to support geoscientists in their professional journeys. Individual coaching will be available during the summer, with group coaching expected to launch in September. Your feedback will be crucial in shaping this initiative.

Stay Informed and Get Involved

All courses will be available through the new EurGeol Portal (currently in deployment) in the Calendar section. Keep an eye on this space for updates! 👀

For a deeper insight into the EFG Academy, watch our spontaneous podcast discussion with Tamás Miklovicz and Glen Burridge here 🎧 and hear David Govoni’s views on the importance of knowledge sharing here 🎥.

We welcome your suggestions, course proposals, or topics you would like us to develop. If you wish to pre-register or have any ideas, please contact us here  📧