On 30 March 2023, the European Federation of Geologists (EFG) is organising the webinar ‘Digital outcrops and data integration in the Metaverse, a powerful combination to reduce subsurface uncertainty‘. The event is scheduled for 16:00 – 17:00 CEST (Brussels time).

The presenters of the webinar will be Claudia Ruiz-Graham, CEO and Founder of Imaged Reality, and Jurriaan Reijs, Founder of Energility Geoconsulting. The host of the session will be EFG Executive Director Glen Burridge.

Subsurface uncertainty can create a 10-20% cost overrun in major capital projects in energy, mining or carbon sequestration projects. In this talk, we will discuss the use of digital outcrops, data integration and team connectivity in the metaverse, as a key tool to help reduce inter-well subsurface uncertainty. We will look at reservoir analogue examples from across different geological settings. In addition, we will look at the application of virtual outcrops to carbon sequestration projects.

Register for the free webinar at the following link! http://bit.ly/42em2U2

-Claudia Ruiz-Graham is a geologist and technology entrepreneur with 25 years of industry experience. She has deep expertise in exploration, having worked in oil and gas projects in Azerbaijan, Angola, Norway, the Middle East, Latin America and the US. She was a member of the BP Exploration Extended Leadership team, and BP Colombia Executive Team and recently an external Exploration advisor to the Ecopetrol Executive Team.

She is the CEO and Founder of Imaged Reality. The company develops immersive technologies with applications for energy, mining, engineering and academia. Their solutions help to reduce geological uncertainty in investment decisions by bringing together teams and data in the metaverse. Imaged Reality helps organisations to collaborate and communicate complex environments, improve interpretations and create a better interaction between multi-disciplinary teams, resulting in better decision-making and risk reduction.

-Dr Jurriaan Reijs is the Managing Director and Principal Consultant at Energility Geoconsulting. Jurriaan founded this company, which offers advice, training, and project development services in carbon storage and geothermal energy. After obtaining a PhD in structural geology from the University of London, he has worked for 25 years in subsurface exploration, development and research, and in a wide variety of settings such as hydrocarbons, carbon capture and storage (CCS) and geothermal.
Before his career as a consultant, he worked at Shell in positions such as Principal Regional Geologist, Team Leader and Venture Manager. Jurriaan drilled wildcat exploration wells in frontier basins, complex high-pressure and temperature wells and near-field exploration wells. He led regional studies, seismic acquisition campaigns and commercial equity acquisitions and dilutions. Jurriaan worked over 50 basins globally, while based out of the Netherlands, Egypt, Australia and the USA. His last role in Shell was as Regional Exploration Advisor, where he was responsible for the technical assurance of exploration activities in South America, Africa and the Middle East.
He believes the subsurface will play a large role in the transition to a sustainable energy system and his current research focuses on carbon storage, geothermal energy and energy storage.

Register for the free webinar at the following link: http://bit.ly/42em2U2

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