On 5 December 2023, EFG organised the webinar ‘Changing Gear: New roles in the Energy Expansion’ (Transfer of Skills From Oil & Gas to Other Sectors). Coordinator of the EFG Panel of Experts on Natural Hazards and Climate Change, EFG Past President and Treasurer of the International Raw Materials ObservatoryMarko Komac, was the host of the webinar.

The speakers of the session were David Pickering (Market Manager, CCUS & Geoscience, Ramboll), Rodney Garrard (Geo Energy Advisor, Arch International), Louise Vad-Pickering (Project Manager, COWI), Alex Orbell (Hydrogen BD Advisor, bp), Henk Kombrink (Editor / Director, GeoExpro / North Sea Core), Rosalie Constable (Co-founder, Sustain:able), Lorna Blaisse (CEO, Helium One Global) and Andy Wood (Geothermal Advisor).

The energy transition brings uncertainty, but also opportunity. We took a look at the evolving roles and careers of a number of geoscientists and managers who have pivoted out of the oil and gas industry over recent years. The webinar aimed to provide useful insights into alternative career opportunities including geothermal, hydrogen, helium exploration and CCUS. All the “Energy Expansion” career paths require conceptual thinking, a commercial mindset, scientific rigour, excellent communication skills, project management…. and a deep understanding of the Earth. Geoscientists are therefore ideally placed to help deliver energy expansion in a range of industries due to their innate abilities and transferable skills.

The presentation slides of the webinar are available here.

You can watch the recording below:

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