EFG response to the EU Soil Health Act proposal

EFG has recently submitted feedback on the European Commission’s Soil Health Law proposal

The aim of the Soil Health Law proposal announced in the EU soil strategy for 2030 is to:

  • specify the conditions for a healthy soil
  • determine options for monitoring soil and
  • lay out rules conducive to sustainable soil use and restoration.

Soils play an indispensable role in supporting life, regulating water resources, and contributing to agricultural productivity to provide food. Recognising the pivotal significance of soil health, the European Federation of Geologists (EFG) presents a comprehensive blueprint in support of the forthcoming Soil Health Law. This framework underscores the paramount importance of continuous monitoring, robust data integration, transparency, and the incorporation of geological insights.

It advocates for an enlightened approach to research and knowledge sharing, promoting sustainable soil management practices, and addressing soil contamination and remediation, water retention, and urban soil challenges. Moreover, it emphasises collaboration, the alignment of policies, awareness, and international cooperation to safeguard soil health.

EFG’s full response to the Soil Health Law proposal is available at the following link.