Workshop Mineral Standard Reporting and Competent Person for Italian geologists


On  24 June 2021, EFG co-organised the workshop ‘Mineral Standard Reporting and Competent Person for the Sustainable Development and the Standardisation Process in the Mining Industry’.

The workshop was especially addressing Italian geologists, as most of the presentations were in Italian. However, the presentations by PERC were delivered in English.

The recording of the first and second parts of the workshop are available below:

The programme of the workshop is available here.

The objectives of the workshop were:

  • Presenting the role of the ‘Competent Person’ and in particular of the ‘European Geologist’ for preparing independent and public reports in the field of exploration and mining. In addition, presenting new job opportunities for geologists in relation to the sustainable development process of the mineral sector in the EU and the world.
  • Providing tools for geologists to take advantage of these new opportunities. Not only technical aspects will be covered but also environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. ESG aspects will need to be increasingly considered in the evaluation of mining projects. This represents an incredible new job opportunity for prepared consultants.
  • Providing an overview of the use of CRIRSCO mining codes and standards, with particular regard to the European PERC Standard.
  • Presenting the evaluation and estimation of mineral resources and reserves, with particular regard to construction materials, ornamental stones and industrial minerals projects.
  • Providing an overview of the use of mineral reporting standards, such as the PERC Reporting Standard, to support harmonization and standardization processes for the approval, evaluation and regulation of mining licenses and permits in the EU.
  • Sharing best practices.

The workshop was organised by the European Federation of Geologists (EFG), Pan-European Reserves and Resources Reporting Committee (PERC), Italian National Council of Geologists (CNG) and, AlpiConsult Stones (Marco Cosi –