Welcome to GeoHub 2.0!

The EFG team is glad to introduce its new Brussels office!

Due to the cessation of our previous contract, we sought an improved space in the EU Quarter, in proximity to the main EU Institutions. The new GeoHub which is located Rue de Pascale is shared with the La Palma Research Centre (LPRC) and the International Raw Materials Observatory.

EFG Assistant Project Officer Yuyu He

EFG Office Manager Pierangelo Bianco

The EFG office is composed of two rooms and offers access to two meeting rooms which may be rented upon demand.

As office working is now again possible since a few weeks, our team enjoys meeting the colleagues from LPRC at the shared office space and we look forward to welcoming members of the EFG community at the next occasion!

Staff members from La Palma Research Center and the European Federation of Geologists (from left to right): Adrienn Cseko, Alberto Sanchez Miravalles, Pierangelo Bianco, Ariadna Ortega, Glen Burridge, Marcio Tameirao and Yuyu He. 

Of course, we also maintain our main office, Rue de Jenner 13, where we are kindly hosted by the Geological Survey of Belgium.