UNEXMIN Concludes as a Horizon 2020 Success Story – Press release

The target of the Horizon 2020-funded UNEXMIN project was to develop an autonomous and multi-platform Robotic Explorer with tools for the exploration and 3D mapping of the thousands of historic and now flooded deep mines that pepper Europe and which are today inaccessible and closed.

The project organised its final conference on 26 September 2019 in Brussels and gathered nearly 80 participants from across Europe. The event offered the unique opportunity to present the project’s main deliverables, while showcasing the UX-1 robot at Nemo 33, Europe’s deepest diving pool. The audience comprised policymakers from the European Commission’s DG GROW and EASME, academics from various European research institutions, representatives from mineral exploration and exploitation companies and robotics and ICT experts.

View the welcome speech from the EFG president, Marko Komac (left side), and the UNEXMIN project introduction by the coordinator Norbert Zajzon (right side) in the following videos: 

The other presentations were also uploaded to UNEXMIN’s Youtube channel, such as the European policy context from Daniel Cios, Raw materials in Horizon 2020 (and beyond) by Marcin Sadowski, UNEXMIN processing and data analysis by Stephen Henley & Hilco van Moerkerk, and more are coming.

Besides a detailed presentation of UNEXMIN’s technological achievements, the conference allowed for high-level discussions on the EU’s raw materials policies, how the project supports both these policies and European industrial innovation, and the capabilities and possible future application of the exploration system. As underlined by Marcin Sadowski, UNEXMIN is considered as a “success story” of the EU’s Research and Innovation programme Horizon 2020. The simultaneously created UNEXMIN GeoRobotics company will offer the commercial exploitation of the multi-robot platform as a geological consulting service.

You can read the full UNEXMIN press release here.