UNESCO Global Geoparks StoryMap


A Geopark is a unified geographical area where sites and landscapes have a geological significance and are managed with a holistic concept of education, protection, and sustainable development.

When a rural area is nominated as a Geopark, this has a significant impact on its development and on the promotion of geoscience and nature in general. UNESCO began working with Geoparks in 2001, and since then, their visibility and popularity have increased considerably. Besides, the list of official Geoparks is extended on a regular basis.

EFG has created a StoryMap, an interactive map featuring a selection of UNESCO Global Geoparks around Europe. You may navigate through the map and consult the main features of each Geopark. Besides, each description includes a link to the Geopark’s official webpage.

The Storymap has now been updated with the 15 new Global Geoparks recently nominated by the UNESCO. It includes new sites in Asia, America as well as Europe; some of them are quite particular and surprising due to their geological and geographical position, such as the Xiangxi Geopark in China and the Dak Nong Geopark in Vietnam.

This map will be updated periodically and extended with more UNESCO Global Geoparks.

Have a look at the map, and discover geological spots close to your area, either via the following link or directly here below: https://arcg.is/0TmSKb