The EFG professional training programme


Among other obligations the EFG considers the professional training of geologists and the exchange of ideas, respectively the communication between geologists beyond national boundaries, as one of its major duties.
Following the “Training Courses Endorsed by the EFG”, the EFG decided to launch a new form of professional training activities, the EuroWorkshops. Such new European professional training possibilities will be offered to EuroGeologists and other geoscientists and the professional exchange of ideas and the contacts between geologists from all over Europe will be intensified. These trainings will also be events within the family of geologists to strengthen the European idea among them.
The EuroWorkshops will also provide applied training for students and young professionals. This way, young geologists will become familiar with the vision and mission of EFG, while EuroGeologists will have the chance to upgrade their knowledge and experience (CPD certified).
The objectives and the values of the EFG and the concept of the EuroGeologist title will also be promoted.

Interested National Associations (NAs), which are members of the EFG, will select a theme, provide speakers and location and will organise the workshop itself as well as moderate accommodation. The concept has to be proposed to and approved by the EFG Board.
The EFG will assist and co-organize the event, boosting its dissemination.

The EuroWorkshops will be organised in the country of the applying NA, if possible close to the geological point of interest which is related to the topic of the workshop. If possible, one of the EuroWorkshops should be linked to the EFG spring Council Meeting.

The workshops should last at least two days, of which one day is planned as a seminar day and one day is reserved for a field trip.

It is planned to organise one or two EuroWorkshops per year at different locations and times. At a later stage additional EuroWorkshops could be organised if the demand for it arises.

Indicative topic list (open for additional proposals):
For the topic of the workshops local geological themes of Europe-wide importance should be selected, e.g.:
Germany: Salt deposits / mine site rehabilitation
Greece: Volcanism & geothermal energy & land protection
Hungary: Deep geothermal energy
Italy: Earth quake protection
Netherlands: Land gain & loss / coastal protection
Poland: Kupferschiefer deposits
Serbia: Porphyry copper deposits
Spain: VHMS deposits of the Iberian Pyrite Belt
Sweden: Good groundwater quality
Switzerland Tunneling & engineering geology
Turkey: Epithermal gold deposits
Other topics such as hydrogeology, drinking water supply, foundation of buildings, shallow geothermal energy, geoheritage, sand & limestone deposits or natural hazards can also be proposed.

The number of participants per workshop may be limited to 40 – 50 people of which 50% should ideally come from the organising NA and the other 50% from other countries.
10-20% of the participating seats should be reserved for students and young professionals from the organising NA and other European countries.

The organising NA may find sponsors for the workshop which may provide funds, sponsor students, provide speakers, conference places, accommodation etc.

Advertising and promotion of the workshops will be done through the channels of the local NA and through all publications and the website of the EFG.

The workshop fees should be kept moderate e.g. in the range of 250 € per person, 100 € per student, plus accommodation and travelling. Through additional funds of the NA and sponsors fees can be reduced with these primarily offered to students / young professionals of the particular country.
For Eurogeologists a 50 € reduction has to be calculated.

Continuing Professional Development:
All EuroWorkshops are accepted within the Continuing Professional Development Program (CPD) of the EFG under the activity category of FLT (“Enhancing and maintaining skills and knowledge – Formal Learning”) and will be honored with 1 point / hour.

Endorsed Training Courses


  • EFG’s training course endorsement programme is a free service with benefits to both course providers and EurGeol title holders. Applications are welcomed from the providers of short training courses, seminars, workshops,etc.
  • Benefits for course providers:
    • Course endorsement raises your institution’s profile and fosters recognition within the European and international geoscience community.
    • Your event is advertised to European Geologist title holders and others who visit EFG’s website, as well as the readership of EFG’s monthly newsletter GeoNews (dissemination to 45.000 geoscientists all over Europe).

    Benefits for European Geologist title holders:

    • Information on CPD training approved by EFG provides quality reassurance.
    • EurGeols benefit from a discount of 20% on the registration fee.
    • Please see EFG’s event calendar for information on dates, venues and fees for endorsed courses.

    Apply for course endorsement

    To apply for endorsement of your event(s) please download the application form and return it to Pierangelo Bianco ( A decision will be taken within a few weeks following the receipt of your application in consultation with the respective national membership association of EFG. Endorsement is valid for 3 years, subject to receipt of satisfactory feedback from EurGeol title holders.
    Application form for companies

CPD point provider agreements


  • In November 2013 EFG signed agreements with its national association members BLUG/UBLG (Belgium/Luxemburg) and BDG (Germany) with a view to increasing the promotion of the European Geologist title. Both associations are recognised as official CPD point providers.
    BLUG/ULBG activities
    BDG training academy
  • EAGE: Based on the agreement signed between EAGE, the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers, and EFG in March 2013, EAGE became the first official CPD point provider:
    • EAGE promotes the EurGeol Title to its European members, and maps the EurGeol Title competency matrix with EAGE’s portfolio of training and educational programmes that could support those preparing for an application or the CPD of existing title holders.;
    • EFG recognises EAGE as an official CPD point provider in the EurGeol title process.
    Almost every EAGE activity in which you participate has a value and will help you to maintain your EurGeol title.
    More information