TIMREX: A new project with EFG involvement kicks off


TIMREX is a new EIT RawMaterials funded project that will set up a Masters’ Programme for Innovative Mineral Resource Exploration. The project will run over three years and EFG will develop a mentoring module within the MSc programme.

The project’s kick-off meeting was held online on 14 January 2022. On this occasion, 20 participants had the chance to discuss initial steps and the work plan.

The TIMREX MSc programme will aim at training earth science specialists, primarily geologists and engineering geologists, to help meet the EU’s mineral resource exploration demand.

Built on existing strong minerals exploration MSc programmes, the project will provide a joint education with add-on entrepreneurship skills.

The project encompasses three main competence-development pillars:

  • Pillar 1: Campus-based MSc programmes with at least one-semester mobility windows or double degree schemes between the university partner
  • Pillar 2: Intensive fieldwork during the summer periods
  • Pillar 3: Development of entrepreneurship, innovative and socio-civic skills, making intensive use of the EFG’s mentoring programme 

More information: https://timrexproject.eu/