The geoscience profession’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic


EFG Board and staff members have recently published an article on the geoscience profession’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic in the Episodes, the Journal of International Geoscience, which is published by the International Union of Geological Sciences.

The paper presents EFG’s efforts in assessing the impact of the pandemic on the geoscience profession and the support the Federation is offering its national member associations.

In this regard, an online survey was performed to gather the framing issues for a virtual meeting at which representatives of EFG’s national associations elaborated on the responses and through the discussion formulated issues in more detail, suggested solutions, and agreed on future measures to minimise the negative effects of the pandemic.

Like all other sectors of the European economy, the geoscience professions and the sectors they serve were affected severely by the COVID19 pandemic, impacting all branches and at all levels. The authors conclude that the geoscience profession will survive this shocking and challenging period, but that it is imperative to build on their observations and learn to drive adaptability and innovation. Only with such an approach, a greater societal resilience can be achieved and to maximise its success, a solid support of geoethically responsible management, proper societal education, and finally, availability of mechanisms and tools that could be relatively easy to implement and use are essential.

The paper is available open access, under a Creative Commons license at:


Komac M, Neumann M, Burridge G, Miklovicz T, Miravalles AS, López MA, Allington R.  The geoscience profession’s response to COVID-19 pandemic – An European Federation of Geologists’ overview.  Episodes -0001;0:-.