Statement on the Ukraine crisis


As a community of professional geologists, we spend our lives studying our planet’s long and tormented history. And as Europeans, we know the immense harm and profound human suffering conflict creates.

We are appalled that war is now raging on our continent, displacing and terrifying thousands of people and we stand in solidarity with Ukrainians and all those who may suffer from this current violence on our European soil.

Organisations like EFG have been set up to promote professionalism, exchange of ideas, friendship, fair access to opportunities and peace.

Our family of national geoscience associations is drawn from 27 (soon to be 28) European nations and with a combined membership of over 45,000 people from all corners of this beautiful, amazing continent. Ours is a profession without borders, based on constructive, respectful and positive dialogue.

We are committed to striving for a Europe that is an ever safer place for its inhabitants and looks forward not back. A Europe where we can seek the best in ourselves, share our wonder in the natural world, our stories, work across our differences and contribute to the furtherance of the understanding, protection and stewardship of this one single planet we call home.