RawMaterials DigiEduHack – designing a virtual geological exploration fieldtrip! 🥾💻⚒️

The European Federation of Geologists is supporting the RawMaterials DigiEduHack, where the teams will be given the challenge to develop “solutions for a virtual geological exploration field trip or short internship” on the 12-13 of November 2020.

DigiEduHack is a series of online and offline idea-hackathons happening all around the world during two days, focusing on co-creating the future of education at the digital age. The RawMaterials DigiEduHack, organised by the University of Miskolc, challenge is looking for participants who are ready to find out and develop complex solutions for a virtual geological exploration field trip or short internship for students specialized in exploration geology and / or geophysics.

EFG is selecting the Jury members, who are going to evaluate the creative solutions of the teams (students, researchers, educators, innovators), and are experts in geological field work, interpretation, education, remote sensing, portable exploration technologies, modelling, virtual technologies, Virtual/Augmented Reality, data visualisation, geology, geophysics, mining.

More information:

💡Turn your vision into reality and join the challenge here: https://digieduhack.com/en/miskolc-solutions-for-a-virtual-geological-exploration-field-trip-or-short-internship 🎯