New issue of European Geologist:

Geoscience in policy making: past experience, current practice and future opportunities

EFG announces the release of issue 56 of its peer-reviewed Diamond Open Access publication, the European Geologist. The new issue is entitled “Geoscience in policy making: past experience, current practice and future opportunities”

The topical section features the following contributions:

Geology in legislation making: Past experience, and future opportunities in Europe bTamas Hamor, Pavlos Tyrologou and Maria Hamor-Vido

Progress and ambitions of the European Geological Survey Organisations in delivering harmonised subsurface data as the basis for informed energy transition policy by Julie Hollis, Francesco Pizzocolo, Francesco La Vigna, Kris Piessens and Jorgen Tulstrup

Communicating geothermal geoscience results to improve public policies and social acceptance of geothermal energy by Dario Bonciani, Amel Barich, Marco Vichi, Alice Pippucci and Loredana Torsello

Geological studies for regional and urban planning in Greece by Nikolaos Depountis

Policymaking and geosciences: the case of Critical Raw Materials in Italy by Mauro Lucarini, Fiorenzo Fumanti, Lucio Martarelli and Monica Serra

Science-based data service to accelerate geothermal developments in Hungary by Annamaria Nador

Geological policy in Spain by Manuel Regueiro y Gonzalez-Barros

Legal protection of water sources and application of geoscientific principles in concession grants in Croatia by Ratko Vasiljević

Developing tools for a better incorporation of geoscientific knowledge in policy making for a densely populated region by Jasper Verhaegen, Shana Debrock, Jef Deckers, Roel De Koninck, Katrien De Nil, Katrijn Dirix, Helga Ferket, Bernd Rombaut, Renate Schoofs, Johanna Van Daele, Tom Van Haren and Jan Van Roo

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