Memorandum of Understanding with Pole Avenia


At the end of March, EFG and Pôle Avenia have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in Brussels to work together on common goals:

  • Exchange of knowledge on the latest technological and thematic topics that could be of significance to our members and strategic aims
  • The promotion of critical topics to the geoscience professions to policy-makers and the public at large
  • The scoping of project opportunities at a local, national or pan-European level which could form the basis of proposals for external funding or other support
  • Contribution to or co-development of events in the sphere of geoscience and subsurface development, notably around the hydrogen sector (eartH2)

EFG Executive Director Glen Burridge and Emmanuelle Robins-Ouagne from Pole Avenia

? Pôle Avenia is a non-profit organisation labelled “competitiveness cluster” in 2010 by the French government and mandated to facilitate innovation, collaborative research and technology development for a sustainable use of the subsurface.

We look forward to collaborating with Pôle Avenia!