Maintaining your title

In order to maintain your professional title, you must:


  • Pay your annual subscription fees to the Licensed Body (for the ILB, the EFG Office invoices 42€/year).
  • Provide to your Licensed Body a record of Continuing Professional Development activities carried out in the previous year.

Failure of carrying out these obligations will result in your exclusion of the EurGeol-register.

The provision of an annual CPD record is a requirement for maintaining your EurGeol title.

ILB European Geologists submit their records electronically via the EurGeol platform. EFG provides the same service to the EurGeols of other Licensed Bodies, but its use is optional.
Once a return is provided to the Licensed Body, the EurGeol should assume that it has been received and is satisfactory unless there is correspondence indicating the contrary.
A small number of returns are randomly selected for audit and in these cases, the Licensed Body might ask for further supporting information.