INTERMIN consortium meeting: towards enhanced mineral raw materials training programmes


On 30 and 31 January 2019, the Horizon 2020 funded INTERMIN project has held its annual consortium meeting in Madrid, at the Spanish Geological Survey (IGME). INTERMIN aims at creating a self-sustainable long-term lasting international network of training centres for professionals in the primary and secondary raw materials sector. The project involves educational and research institutions in the EU and the leading counterparts in third countries. The European Federation of Geologists (EFG) is one of the project partners and was represented by Executive Director Isabel Fernández and President Vítor Correia.

The main aim of the meeting was to perform an update on the current status of the different Work Packages. EFG presented the current status of Work Package 3, Towards enhanced training programmes, which is led by the Federation. Based on the outcomes of Work Package 1, the world-wide mapping of educational research programmes, and Work Package 2, an analysis of the raw materials sector’s skills gaps and needs, Work Package 3 will accelerate the adaptation of existing training programmes and the development of new training modules addressing immediate and emerging industry needs. These recommendations will be combined in an Action Plan to close skill gaps and enhance existing education and training programmes, and will drive the alignment of training agendas and curricula in Europe and worldwide, and the advance of joint international training programmes.

In this regard, the GUIDE project which is coordinated by EFG and the German Association of Geoscience Professionals, BDG, will contribute an inventory of Bachelor and Master programmes that are relevant for INTERMIN in Europe. The state of the art and the work plan of this project were presented by Peter Müller, the representative of EFG’s Linked Third Party BDG.

During the meeting’s clustering session, EFG also had the opportunity to present the INFACT project which aims at developing innovative, non-invasive and fully acceptable exploration technologies, and the relevance of its cooperation with INTERMIN.

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