IMPEL: Call for case studies MPE and Soil Washing


EFG is collaborating with the European Union Network for the Implementation and Enforcement of Environmental Law (IMPEL) on topics relating to soil and water contamination.

The IMPEL Water and Land Remediation project is currently collecting case studies for Multi-Phase Extraction (MPE) and Soil Washing.

We invite anybody who is interested in sharing the results of the application of one of those technologies to submit the questionnaire(s) in MS word format (no pdf) by 15 February 2022 to with the subject “MPE Case Study” or “Soil Washing Case Study”. If you have multiple case studies, please prepare different files so that they are easier to process. You will be listed as a “Contributor”.

Please present the information submitted in a general way to avoid potential confidentiality issues. In any case, all information collected will remain strictly confidential.

The questionnaires are available for download here: