EurGeol of the month: Marino Trimboli

“European Geologist of the month” is a section of EFG’s monthly newsletter GeoNews. Each month we ask one of the European Geologist title holders to tell us about his professional experiences and which role the title has played for his career. This month we interview Marino Trimboli, member of the Italian Council of Professional Geologists and former EFG Board member.

Name: Marino Trimboli
EurGeol title number: 989
Country: Italy

In which country do you currently work? – Italy

In which field of geology do you work? – Engineering geology & natural hazards

Could you give us your opinion on the advisability of being member of a professional association? – I think that the membership of a professional association could give an information to the customers about the type of activities carried out, the performance criteria, the application of ethical codes and continuous professional development.

Could you explain why you applied for the European Geologist title? – I was a member of the Italian Council of Professional Geologists and a member of EFG’s Board. During this period I strongly supported the introduction of the title in Italy were the profession is regulated by law. It was clear for me, at the end of the mandate, to become European Geologist.

Do you consider that these titles represent an added value for finding a job? – In the perspective of an open global market it will be a good instrument for the professional accreditation in foreign markets.

What does this title allow you to do? – In the countries were the title is recognized it could be easy to find quickly jobs and consulting activities. Nevertheless I see many difficulties in particular within the European Union (i.e. different regulations and codes, language problems in reports).

Currently a demand of geologists exists abroad. Would you advise unemployed geologists to look for a job outside your country? – Certainly I would recommend them to look for a job abroad by the means of engineering companies or multinational enterprises. In this case the direct impact with new regulations, languages and professional practice could be easier.

Did you already work abroad? If yes, could you tell us more about your international experiences? – I work in professional geology for more than 30 years. During this period I worked in Spain, France, Slovakia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Equatorial Guinea and Chile. In these Countries I was involved in different engineering geology projects, hydrogeology, raw materials and quarries and in landfill design.

Are professional titles useful abroad? – Yes, in my experience the EurGeol title was useful for my CV accreditation by the Government in Kosovo Republic and in the Former Republic of Macedonia FYROM.

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