EurGeol of the month: Ana Meireles Serpa Santos

“European Geologist of the month” is a section of EFG’s monthly newsletter GeoNews. Each month we ask one of the European Geologist title holders to tell us about his professional experiences and which role the title has played for his career. This month we interview Ana Meireles Serpa Santos, member of the Portuguese Association of Geologists (APG). She has a 20 year experience working in Geotechnics. She has already worked with some firms of that area, such as Rodio, Geosoc or Ancorpor. For the last ten years she has been the sales representative of several materials for Geotechnics by the Israeli PRS, the German Dywidag and the Swiss Geobrugg.

Name: Ana Meireles Serpa Santos
EurGeol title number: 1049
Country: Portugal

In which country do you currently work? – Portugal

In which field of geology do you work? – Engineering Geology, Geotechnics and natural hazards prevention

Could you give us your opinion on the advisability of being member of a professional association? – 
It is important to belong to a professional association. They defend the interests of their members, organize interesting national and international meetings and encourage creating and strengthening links between professionals all around the world, as well as the development of knowledge among our community.

Could you explain why you applied for the European Geologist title? – I was looking forward to the kind of things I mentioned above. Getting that title was also a recognition of my technical and professional experience and a terrific way to get in the same platform as my fellow European geologists. It also shows my constant commitment in being an active part of the geological and geotechnical communities, what contributes to improve myself as a professional.

Do you consider that these titles represent an added value for finding a job? – I am pretty sure they do. As I said, the European Geologist title recognizes our professional experience and commitment. Hopefully that must have some value in opening new horizons and help us finding new opportunities.

What does this title allow you to do? – It brings me a bigger interaction with geologists from other European countries with a high and diversified experience and skills and also the chance to participate in new and compelling events.

Are professional titles useful abroad? – There is a growing need for ways to certify all kinds of professionals. The European Geologist title delivers some kind of standardization among all European geologists and the particularities of every one of them.

Currently a demand of geologists exists abroad. Would you advise unemployed geologists to look for a job outside your country? – I have quite a long experience in working abroad and especially with foreigners. It is something I highly recommend, a very enriching and rewarding experience both at personal and professional level.

Did you already work abroad?- I worked for several years in Spain and lately I make professional short trips to Spain (again), Switzerland or Africa. All that gives the chance to meet other professionals and different points of view, which is great.

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