EFG President David Govoni highlights importance of outreach efforts at ICOG Christmas Cocktail

From left to right: EFG Treasurer Pablo Nunez Fernandez, ICOG President Manuel Regueiro, ICOG delegate to EFG Ramon Perez and EFG President David Govoni. Photo: ICOG. 

On December 15th, EFG President David Govoni attended the Christmas Cocktail event of ICOG, the Spanish National member Association of EFG, held at the prestigious Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, Spain. The event brought together 120 attendees, including esteemed members of the Spanish geology community.

David Govoni’s presence at the event was marked by significant gestures, including the signing of the book of honours of ICOG, symbolising the strong ties between EFG and its Spanish member association.

EFG President David Govoni signing the ICOG book of honours. Photo: ICOG. 

As the guest of honour, Govoni delivered a keynote address emphasising the importance of geologists engaging with non-geology communities to raise awareness about the discipline.

Keynote speech by EFG President David Govoni. Photo: ICOG. 

Furthermore, the event served as a platform to officially award the 2023 EFG Medal of Merits to Dr. Roberto Rodriguez Fernandez, recognising his outstanding contributions to the field of geology.

Beyond formalities, the ICOG Christmas Cocktail provided a valuable opportunity for lively discussions and networking within the Spanish geology community.

EFG President David Govoni awards the 2023 Medal of Merit to Dr. Roberto Rodriguez Fernandez. Photo: ICOG.