EFG partners with the Earth Futures Festival

Nov 5, 2021 | 2021, EFG, EFGeoBlog

Earth Science, or geoscience, is the keystone to understanding the complex and changing relationships between the planet’s physical and biological systems, human interaction with the environment and climatic impacts. Yet despite the critical role geoscience plays in building our sustainable future the discipline is under threat. Current public perception, limited mass-media coverage, declining university student numbers, university degree program cuts and loss of academic expertise in geoscience, are leading us towards a future knowledge and skills shortage. This will limit humankind’s ability to deliver solutions in managing the sustainable future use of the planet and mitigation of natural hazards, with costly economic, social and environmental consequences. 

To raise awareness of the crucial role geoscience plays in leading us on a path to a more sustainable future, award-winning geoscientist, Dr. Heather Handley, and TV Executive Producer, Simon John Heath, have teamed up with the UNESCO International Geosciences Program and the International Union of Geosciences to establish the Earth Futures Festival. The Festival is supported by Patron Iain Stewart, Professor of Geoscience Communication and UNESCO Chair in Geoscience for Society.

The Earth Futures Festival is an international film and video festival showcasing the important role geoscience plays in addressing our most pressing sustainability challenges. The finalist videos will be shown online throughout September and October 2022 with in person screening and panel discussion events in New York City, Paris and Sydney, all culminating in an awards event in Sydney.

Equity, diversity and inclusion are central to the project. The festival will encourage, support and recognise diverse voices through a number of grants for those with limited access to technical equipment, carefully selected submission categories, education and training in storytelling, editing and film-making, and awards designed to celebrate diverse teams and content. 

The Festival is calling for professionals and students in the realms of geoscience, the arts and science communication along with community groups, associations, school students and First Nations peoples to submit 90 second to 90 minute works in video format.   

This year’s themes are Dynamic Earth, Future Earth and Human Connection.  

Submissions open on 1 February 2022 and close on 15 May 2022.   

The European Federation of Geologists is proud to support the Earth Futures Festival as a partner organisation.

To find out more about the Earth Futures Festival please go to https://www.earthfuturesfestival.com

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