EFG partners with Global Rare Earths Summit 2022

The opportunities that rare earths present are immense, but the challenges posed by their use are vital to address and prepare for. Therefore, City & Financial Global and REIA are proud to co-present the Global Rare Earths Summit 2022 on Thursday, 31st March. This leading virtual summit will provide a forum where senior policy members, mining, financial and supply chain executives can discuss how to manage the supply/demand squeeze for rare earths and meet the global need for a swift and responsible transition to green energy.

Key Topics To Be Discussed:

  • Ensuring security of supply & strategies for meeting anticipated increase in demand
  • Financing the mining, refining and utilisation of rare earths
  • Dealing with rare metal and mineral waste
  • Mitigating the impacts of mining on biodiversity, the environment and human rights
  • Meeting the green transition with constraints on rare metals
  • Resourcing new and important dependencies

Speakers Include:

Dr Badrinath Veluri, President, Rare Earths Industry Association
Gary Stanley, Director, Office of Materials Industries U.S. Department of Commerce
Dr Roland Gauß, Head of Innovation and Business Intelligence, EIT RawMaterials GmbH

Chen Zhanheng, Vice President, China Rare Earth Industry Association

For more information, or to see the full speaker list visit the event site: www.cityandfinancialconferences.com/rareearthssummit2022


EFG is supporting this event as a media partner and members of our National Associations receive a 20 % discount code. Please contact us at events@eurogeologists.eu for more information. 

Register Here: https://www.cityandfinancialconferences.com/a8Nm1V