EFG at the vEGU21

Several of the EU projects in which EFG is involved will be presented at the virtual EGU General Assembly 2021:


EGU21-9442 | vPICO presentations | ERE2.5

CROWDTHERMAL – A vision for citizens’ empowerment in geothermal projects

Gauthier Quinonez, Isabel Fernandez, Jan Hildebrand, Georgie Friederichs, Christina Baisch, and Ottó Elíasson

Wed, 28 Apr, 11:04–11:06 CEST



EGU21-12986 | vPICO presentations | EOS5.1

ENGIE Promoting gender balance in the area of earth science and engineering

Adrienn Cseko, Éva Hartai, Lívia Majoros, Máté Leskó, Kristina Johansson, Samuel Heimann, Silvia Giuliani, Armida Torregiani, Renata Łapińska-Viola, Isabel Pino de Juana, Ariadna Ortega Rodriguez, Iva Kolenković Močilac, Ana Maričić, Ruth Allington, Anita Stein, Tamás Miklovicz, and María López

Mon, 26 Apr, 11:23–11:25 CEST



EGU21-12115 | vPICO presentations | ERE5.4/GMPV5.3 | Highlight

A new mining life for non-feasible mineral deposits?

Balazs Bodo, Luis Lopes, Claudio Rossi, Giorgia Stasi, Christian Burlet, Stephen Henley, Vitor Correia, Tobias Pinkse, Alicja Kot-Niewiadomska, Jussi Aaltonen, Nikolaus Sifferlinger, Nelson Cristo, Éva Hartai, Gorazd Zibret, Janos Horvath, and Asko Ristolainen

Thu, 29 Apr, 16:01–16:03 CEST


EGU21-13158 | vPICO presentations | ERE1.2

The ROBOMINERS project: a promising tool for the re-evaluation of “non-economical” deposits. Aiming at the development of a joined European database of potentially suitable ore deposits for the utilization of the Robominers technology.

Eleni Koutsopoulou, Aikaterini Servou, and George Aggelopoulos

Thu, 29 Apr, 09:25–09:27 CEST


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