Technical skills are at the core of Geoscientists’ identity. From the industry to the academic world, the strength of Geoscientists, the reason why they are so beneficial to society, is their valuable field-specific skills. But the working environment is not just about knowing your craft. It is also about interacting with people, giving and receiving instructions, planning projects, dealing with colleagues’ various personalities, … and so many other soft-skills that make a career even more challenging, and fulfilling.

EFG has been contacted by LUSVAL, a certified TRIMA Solutions provider, and has decided to raise the company’s offer to its members’ attention as it might interest them. LUSVAL, expert in talent assessment and management, offers a unique targeted professional coaching service where Geoscientists can identify their current cluster of soft-skills from a pool of 120 and discover which other environment-specific soft-skills they are motivated to develop. Geoscientists can therefore evaluate their competencies, their leadership style as well as their social style.

If you are interested in LUSVAL’s offer to complement your technical skills with career coaching, then simply move on to explore LUSVAL’s website.

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